The Insane Engineering of the A-10 Warthog

23 mei. 2020
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Writer/Narrator: Brian McManus
Editor: Dylan Hennessy (
Animator: Mike Ridolfi (
3D Animation: Eli Prenten
:Sound: Graham Haerther (
Thumbnail: Simon Buckmaster


Thank you to AP Archive for access to their archival footage.

Music by Epidemic Sound:

Octavium - Robert Ruth
Melted Mind - Max Anson
Cruise Control - Martin Baekkevold
Travellers - Ran the Man
Bloom - Dye O
Beyond Rivers and Dust - Alec Slayne

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  • We just released a new video about the A-10's grand papi, the P-47 Thunderbolt. 👴🏻 If you enjoyed this video, you will love this one:

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    • ol

      Your_TypicalCivicYour_TypicalCivic14 dagen geleden
    • @Crazy Gaming All those aircraft prior to the A-10 was then, the Hog is now,tomorrow & the future bet on that🗽🗽✈

      Hector GeartHector Geart28 dagen geleden
    • Slight correction: the gun is mounted slightly off the center line axes, as the GAU avenger in the warthog is set to fire each barrel when it is on the nine o'clock position. By mounting the whole gun slightly off axes, the nine o'clock position of the barrel drum lines up with the center line, allowing for no horizontal shift to occur when the gun is firing.

      Beralt MiviaBeralt MiviaMaand geleden
    • dc we

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    • very good

      santzero santonesantzero santoneMaand geleden
  • you forgot to mention that the engines are located so that they are protected by the surface of wings when in attacking angle

    femazikfemazik13 uur geleden
  • Nobody: literally nobody: U.S. army: Let's build a flying minigun

    Lenny faceLenny faceDag geleden
  • IIRC, Bushes congress era wanted to replace the hog withe f-16. Congress is useless as usual.

    Wild BuffaloWild BuffaloDag geleden
  • A10, B52, F15 If the original design is good, it can last forever.

    DPDP2 dagen geleden
  • Suppors pilos, what is this dialect?

    asalahasalah2 dagen geleden
  • brrrrrt

    ViccVicc2 dagen geleden
  • Enemy tanks: nooo you can’t just storm us with a bazillion rounds! A-10: haha depleted uranium go BRRRRRRRT

    The biggest Star Wars FanThe biggest Star Wars Fan2 dagen geleden
  • f22: why you did not mention me in the video, only f16 and f35 is mentioned! f15:me too f18:me too f14: me too f35: you know what, because i am the best f16 :i am, the cheapest f22: no, i am the best f35: you are only good at dog fight and you only have 187 operational aircraft, and you are not a multi- role aircraft, too expensive. f22: ok i will just close my mouth f15:not me, i thought i am the best at dog fight f35: yah indeed, you also have more payload. however, after some decades, you will get replaced by me, because have 1 thing that you don't, and the government likes it, its stealth f15: ok i will shut my mouth f18 i will not f35:why f18: because i am the king of fighter on the aircraft carrier f35-A and f16: ok, that's true, we will give you the title but we are still better on ground operation f35-b and f35-c: nah, you will get replaced by us one day f18: ok i will just close my mouth f14: what about me!!!!! f22, f15, f16, f18, f35: you are retired!! a10: no one mentioned me although i am the cheapest!!!

    Jack NgJack Ng3 dagen geleden
    • Shush

      dead insidedead insideDag geleden
  • Just got an idea How about 2 Gatling guns 😳

    ThatYounginJosh •ThatYounginJosh •3 dagen geleden
  • a swarm of these planes is enough for a small third world country like the Philippines.Why cant the government get this hogs?

    Ian CrespoIan Crespo4 dagen geleden
  • If I’m completely honest they should retire the a-10 but make a-10E or something.

    Obi wan KenobiObi wan Kenobi4 dagen geleden
    • @dead inside why no?

      Obi wan KenobiObi wan KenobiDag geleden
    • No

      dead insidedead insideDag geleden
  • Brrry

    Razor JimmyRazor Jimmy4 dagen geleden
  • These should just be mass produced quickly as a standard fighter and support system

    I Know ThingsI Know Things5 dagen geleden
  • Now if all American warplanes were made with this kind of design and manufacture principle, the airforce and all wings of the US armed forces would not be in the mess it is...

    reuben pariesreuben paries5 dagen geleden
  • I just started liking aviation and i went into a rabbit hole and now this.

    CoolBoi39CoolBoi396 dagen geleden
  • have always loved the warthog dont know why/how they have not commissioned a replacement, they'll technically always need something like this

    9some9some6 dagen geleden
  • Only reason this plane works is cause your enemies are turban wearing, flip flop using, AK holding peasants with ideology and no training. Use it against Russia and it'll be out of comission in no time.

    ZIad El OudZIad El Oud6 dagen geleden
  • I wouldn't have a problem paying taxes if I could choose what my money went towards, I would gladly pay for some guided munitions or some DPU 30mm rounds.

    moist cake by the oceanmoist cake by the ocean6 dagen geleden
  • I still find it funny how schizo American procurement is. They built the A-10 for reliability and simplicity, and yet they're rolling around in fuel-guzzling M1s with bloody turbine engines in them (in the desert, no less lol). It is literally as far as you can get from a Sherman. The Abrams is more like a modern facsimile of a Tiger II. The Merkava is closer to a Sherman than an Abrams could ever be. Don't even get me started on the Zumwalt or the F-35. It really boggles the mind.

    H3R3T1CH3R3T1C6 dagen geleden
  • If the A-10 Is upgraded I want it to be chunkier for 2 avenger cannons and also way stronger engines

    no moreno more6 dagen geleden
  • Cost prioritised yet its legendary and too strong to be downed after a couple kiills

    no moreno more6 dagen geleden
  • A10 goes brrrrrr. xD

    no pro KIno pro KI7 dagen geleden
  • ###""" Challenge """### Make a RC that doubles as a drone. Having Wheals that double as a Propellers. Rules: -RC must have 4 Wheals in land mode and must have 4 propellers in flight mode. -Propellers and Wheals must be one and the same. -Transformation Legs or landing Legs are allowed. -Transformation legs or landing legs can not have any additional Wheals or propellers. -Drone must be able to vertically take off with an initial velocity of 0.0. -Drone must be able to maintain stable flight and perform controlled manoeuvres. -After Drone has completed manoeuvres. Drone must be able to land in the same spot it took off from. -No parts can be added or subtracted before, during, or after transformation, between land and flight mode. If you have any questions feel free to ask. I look forward to seeing some new results.

    Tanner AnimationTanner Animation7 dagen geleden
  • I am waiting for this plane in war thunder

    Swastik shuvamSwastik shuvam7 dagen geleden
  • 7:43 - that is in fact not correct. Gun is not mounted directly in the center. It is mounted ever so slightly to the left side of the fuselage, so the firing barrel does align with a center of mass of an aircraft. You can clearly see it being off-center.

    Quicksilver_CookieQuicksilver_Cookie7 dagen geleden
  • The A-10 has valid points,and they have uranium in them.

    Lawrence LewisLawrence Lewis8 dagen geleden
  • Fantastic as usual thank you.

    russell eganrussell egan8 dagen geleden
  • Video Title: Includes "A-10 Warthog" Comment 1: If you can hear the BRRRTTT, then you weren't the target. Comment 2: Everyone gangsta till the sky starts farting. Comment 3: USA builds a plane around a gun.

    This_AccountThis_Account9 dagen geleden
  • Channeled on their merch ? 😄 jking

    cobrasvt347cobrasvt34710 dagen geleden
  • 10:58 Ha!

    Czech MateCzech Mate10 dagen geleden
  • Why would depleted uranium cause higher rates of cancer? Its... well... depleated. It is a stable form of Uranium, and therefore shouldn't be radioactive, which is why its depleted. Though, this is mostly from nuclear theory rather than practicality since most of my knowledge of decay comes from textbooks and theory rather than how it acts in practice, which is always much more complex.

    Tyler HendrixTyler Hendrix11 dagen geleden
  • In other words, Sasha but with wings

    German Memer boiGerman Memer boi12 dagen geleden
  • If you're going to call the Russians "Soviets" you need to then call the Germans "Nazis"

    Brygos MuleBrygos Mule12 dagen geleden
  • If you live in a county that has so many spent depleted uranium bullets it's causing alleged health problems for you or your family, bullets might be a concern, but seriously doubt the depleted uranium ones in the dirt are.

    CoreyCorey12 dagen geleden
  • We desperately need a blockbuster A-10 movie. These planes are by far my favorite. There has to be some stories that could be morphed into a movie and it would be based on real events.

    Tom RayTom Ray12 dagen geleden
  • if you hear a BRRRRTTTT, take cover, sit down and relax. you are safe.

    GamingBrother54GamingBrother5412 dagen geleden
  • I was in an Armored Calvery unit in the 1st Gulf War, and it was and is the guardian angil to exposed infantry and light and medium armored vehicles. Even today, there is no replacement for the A-10.

    Martin EnglishMartin English12 dagen geleden
  • Doesn't really look like a pig, but more like a puma

    cosmicaliancosmicalian12 dagen geleden
  • A-10 Warthog Mc BBBRRRRTTTT

    Tevi AndrianTevi Andrian12 dagen geleden
  • Is that a tank buster 👍

    del griffdel griff12 dagen geleden
  • soon in war thunder for the price of 59.99$

    אופק קוזניקאופק קוזניק13 dagen geleden
  • 7:50 there is a bug in the top view. The central axis of the GAU-8 does not line up with the central axis of an A-10 in a top view. The firing barrel does.

    Skunk SSkunk S13 dagen geleden
  • Hey guy's i heard you need help BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRT intensely

    12Hermes12Hermes14 dagen geleden
  • 8:00 the gun is actually a little off centre.

    Dobré vědětDobré vědět14 dagen geleden
  • US Armed Forces: “Yeah so how many bullets/rounds will it have?” Fairchild Aircraft: “Yes.”

    Your_TypicalCivicYour_TypicalCivic14 dagen geleden
  • A-10 Lightningbolt? Fail in first 5 seconds....

    Chris_PasleyChris_Pasley14 dagen geleden
  • I have always been most impressed with A10 (with respect to fighter jets)- watching them do their thing is an amazing experience. I remember several Capabilities Exercises I took part in during my enlistment (Army Artillery , 82nd Airborne Division) and the A10s were most impressive (to me). Their fighter pilots must be tough (women and men).

    Moy Wah FeiMoy Wah Fei14 dagen geleden
  • I have always been in love with this PERFECT PIECE of "PEACE"...

    Khael BalboaKhael Balboa15 dagen geleden
  • It's basically a Aircraft equivalent of a Krogan

    Warystatue33 Born againWarystatue33 Born again15 dagen geleden
  • Not the best looking but the most deadly beast among planes. I will bring it back against advancing billion Chinese - repeat performance like THE IRAQI TROOPS LEAVING KUWAIT - THE HIGHWAY OF DEATH

    zzzzzsleepingzzzzzsleeping15 dagen geleden
  • The narrator sounds like super eyepatch wolf..

    MythicalDMythicalD15 dagen geleden
  • 12:45 Me and her brothers.

    ZaVirZaVir15 dagen geleden

    Chief JhubChief Jhub16 dagen geleden
  • Multi role fighters are stupid idea, youre willingly crippling yourself just so you can do more than one thing with it. It will never do anything well, but rather will do many things adequately

    Gideon HorstGideon Horst16 dagen geleden
    • But when you fight a country whit weak air force weak navy weak tanks you dont need special bombers ,and for small countrys it good enough

      Marijo MarijoMarijo Marijo11 dagen geleden
  • one small detail: The gun is offset to make room for the front landing gear. It fires from the 9 o' clock position, which is at the center of the plane.

    8Bit Armory8Bit Armory16 dagen geleden
  • Today it's Defund the police Tomorrow it's Defund the military Then here comes China's war machine to take over a weekend America.

    stanley godlewskistanley godlewski16 dagen geleden
  • When this plane is cheaper to maintain than my college tuition...

    Chengsters HighestChengsters Highest16 dagen geleden
  • brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrttttt

    brandon sandlinbrandon sandlin16 dagen geleden
  • Z

    soroush rabbanisoroush rabbani16 dagen geleden
  • In case you ever wondered why such a large weapon as the "minigun" is called that, it's because it's a miniaturized version of the world-wrecker known as the GAU.

    CapsLockBrokenCapsLockBroken16 dagen geleden
  • If you hear the BRRRRRRRT, you weren´t the target

    ShulapiShulapi16 dagen geleden
  • Yup

    Edward C Ruiz jrEdward C Ruiz jr16 dagen geleden
  • A gun with it's own plane

    Logan OdomoreLogan Odomore17 dagen geleden
  • Candy corn death machine

    Levi LewthwaiteLevi Lewthwaite17 dagen geleden
  • POV: ur tryna cross airport but they call in a precision

    Waseem BenamorWaseem Benamor17 dagen geleden

    17 dagen geleden
  • gta c: /battlefield 4 :) lmao

    Zero TwoZero Two17 dagen geleden
  • The First Tank Buster - Hurricane "Tin Opener" Made in England

    lafalot laffertylafalot lafferty18 dagen geleden
  • Oh shit, I thought this was a DCS video 😂

    Cktime ThirtyTwoCktime ThirtyTwo18 dagen geleden
  • i will never understand why Americans are so focused on developing death machines over solving world issues like hunger and climate change

    Ryan ChungRyan Chung18 dagen geleden
    • @Ryan Chung why its all related

      Marijo MarijoMarijo Marijo10 dagen geleden
    • @Marijo Marijo LMAO i agree with the educating part, but shame everything you just said didn't make sense in this context whatsoever

      Ryan ChungRyan Chung10 dagen geleden
    • @Ryan Chung its always easyest way to blame another ,why dont their own country develop to produce food for their country or import it and climate change is happening because we cant transfor all of our energy production over night only way to produce electricity whit small footprint is nuclear but people that lisent to media think its bad just like 5g ,educate yourself about the real world not what you feel

      Marijo MarijoMarijo Marijo10 dagen geleden
    • @Marijo Marijo there's a good reason why America was attacked, and it's precisely this lmao

      Ryan ChungRyan Chung10 dagen geleden
    • LoL,another one ,but when things 9/11 happens how to respond,whit flowers or ballons ?

      Marijo MarijoMarijo Marijo11 dagen geleden
  • Like a wise man once said “the a 10 warthog is not a jet it is a gun with a jet mounted on it”

    Kellan WatfordKellan Watford18 dagen geleden
  • As long as it fights in a low-threat environment, it's very good. I'd say the A-10 is currently being put to good use. I doubt how successful it'll be in a big war between major powers though.

    HH18 dagen geleden
  • There's not a single thing to compare between the Wrathog n the stupid f35, F35 exists to fill the pockets of Lockheed and keep the congress in a situation of regret which cannot be reversed.

    SoubhagyaSoubhagya18 dagen geleden
  • Learned something new. Wow

    JulchenJulchen18 dagen geleden
  • The A-10 daddy is The Henschel Hs 129 Tank Buster Don't believe what armchair generals and soldier boy wannabe says

    ahsen khanahsen khan19 dagen geleden
  • See the soviets were right quantity over quality

    DotsDots19 dagen geleden
  • At 7:44 the narrator says that the A-10's cannon is mounted "directly on the centerline of the plane". This is incorrect. The cannon is in fact mounted slightly to the port side of the aircraft. The barrel in the firing location is on the starboard side at the 9 o'clock position so that it it perfectly aligns with the centerline. You can see this clearly at 10:03.

    DanomightDanomight19 dagen geleden
  • Oh you mean a waste of tax dollars so some privilege SOB POS can cumin in their pants over having a murder bird

    Phoenix StarPhoenix Star19 dagen geleden
  • The production GAU-8 was intentionally made LESS accurate than the prototype in order to have a bigger spread over the target area.

    blurglideblurglide19 dagen geleden
  • Electromagnetic Levitating Fliers (UFOs) can out maneuver this thing with all of a few atoms of hydrogen for fuel. Strap a rail gun to that bad boy and BAM, battlefield dominance.

    Virgle DeBordVirgle DeBord20 dagen geleden
  • It looks like space war fighter

    moses1202moses120220 dagen geleden
  • it basically shoots cancer

    FULL ALBUMSFULL ALBUMS20 dagen geleden
  • A-10 is the supra of planes

    Cyril StephenCyril Stephen20 dagen geleden
  • This aircraft is truly a testament to how important a specialized vehicle can be even in the "modern" battlefield. There have been multiple attempts at phasing them Warthogs out, and yet they remain operational, for the simple fact that there is just no other machine that can do its job so well. Such a stark contrast to the doctrine that gave birth to the F-35, which tries so hard to do so many different things, it only manages to be mediocre at every one of them.

    Murilo VidalMurilo Vidal21 dag geleden
  • 8:11 *no one’s had to worry about Stalin. He’s been dead for years now.*

    Funny radarFunny radar21 dag geleden
  • wait did you just say LiGHtInG BoLt its a A-10 ThunderBolt ll

    Doug ClemonsDoug Clemons21 dag geleden
  • If you haven’t heard of Hedera Hashgraph cryptocurrency, you should look it up. I’m not going to sell you on it, just a suggestion. I do not think you’ll be disappointed in its potential. Have a great day.

    Bradley SwannBradley Swann21 dag geleden
  • Really good. I always knew the A-10 was designed for close ground support - I mean just by looking at it. As per the video the designers did an amazing job. I can only imagine that the training program for pilots must be totally unique - very different from any other pilot training. Right ? What an amazing aircraft.

    Michael OnofriettoMichael Onofrietto21 dag geleden
  • It’s about the A-10 lightning not the A10 warthog

    mastergamerjmomastergamerjmo21 dag geleden
  • It’s a plane built around a gun

    IcytugboatIcytugboat21 dag geleden
  • Anyone else hear him call it the lightingbolt not the thunderbolt

    Jon DickisonJon Dickison21 dag geleden
  • "with a specific type of warfare in mind" *germany*

    Luca GambiniLuca Gambini21 dag geleden
  • 3.4K dislikes from the Taliban

    F DiddyF Diddy22 dagen geleden
  • Had a pair of these almost fly into me in a UH60 out in Arizona. It was awesome 😂

    Steven LoseySteven Losey22 dagen geleden
  • Nooooooooooooooooooooooo, don’t retire BRRRRRRRT.

    Henrique BragaHenrique Braga22 dagen geleden
  • What is a A-10 Lightning/Warthog? That’s a *BRRRRRRRRRT* Bro, are you sure you know anything about Planes?

    Henrique BragaHenrique Braga22 dagen geleden
  • The narrator sounds like cpt.benzie

    Slate KitchingSlate Kitching22 dagen geleden
  • "Insane engineering" my ass, SU-25 is where it's at

    EmprictionEmpriction22 dagen geleden
    • Su-25 lmao

      WarthogWarthog12 dagen geleden
  • glad we have the brrrrr plane instead of healthcare

    jomjom23 dagen geleden