The Insane Engineering of the P-47 Thunderbolt

1 aug. 2020
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Writer/Narrator: Brian McManus
Editor: Stephanie Sammann (
Animator: Mike Ridolfi (
Sound: Graham Haerther (
Thumbnail: Simon Buckmaster

Thank you to AP Archive for access to their archival footage.

Music by Epidemic Sound:


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    • Now it's got 2m views

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    • @Nick Johnson For me it is not interesting, not by 'real engineering'. I do not rate this chanel very high on an engineering level.

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    • Great video!

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    • It would be interesting for you to do a comparison of the two R-2800 powered aircraft, this vs the Corsair.

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    • @Downstream01 east

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  • how do I get Nebula ? Unfortunately I am locked in to Curiosity till Dec 2021 and can't add it.

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  • I read in some cases one or 2 cylinders shot off and the p-47 would get back.

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  • Thanks

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  • The victim of its image was the Mustang and the Corsair.. However the milk jug was the Flying tank. It was the largest single-seat Fighter produced during World War II and was completely American made unlike the Mustang with the Merlin engine.

    William WardWilliam Ward14 uur geleden
  • Corrections required at 5.25 & 5.37.

    nigel mitchellnigel mitchell15 uur geleden
  • Just less than half of them were built in Evansville Indiana, where I used to live. Apparently one of them is now on display at the Evansville wartime Museum. Evansville was also a major manufacturer of Landing ship tanks, or LST's. LST325 is docked there and can be toured. It's truly amazing how this entire country came together then, and it is a shame to see us so divided now.

    deejayimmdeejayimmDag geleden
  • HS-129 ~= P-47 for CAS?

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  • Good shots of my former Commanding Officer. Col Francis Gabreski

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  • MMM...Big Jugs.....😉.

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  • My grandfather was a p47 ground chief in the 8th Air Corps. He told me that on the second day after DDay, he had landed at Omaha and was building the airfield within hours. He said they were receiving P47 within days, but he did say that was the most exhausting thing he ever did so time probably had no meaning to him. RIP PeeWee.

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  • Anyone who thinks the P47 Thunderbolt wasn't one of the greatest planes ever built is completely ignorant about the subject. In fact, I would question their fitness to reproduce and operate a motor vehicle.

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  • (Last Letter - Mourmelon Le Grand France) Oct. 3, 1944 France Dear Ma, I still have been getting mail right along, which is swell with me. There’s nothing like getting mail. Well, I guess I sort of resigned myself to staying here for the winter. For awhile it looked as if we could have it over with by Christmas but I guess not now. It seems to me that the fighting is getting more vigorous. I hope I’m wrong but that’s how it looks to me. Say Ma, how is Don coming along with his draft board? I sure hope he doesn’t have to go. I think it would be a little rough on him and his family. Anyway he wouldn’t like war. It’s not what it’s cracked up to be. I know too much shooting going on. I guess being where I am I should have a lot to write about but I just can’t think of anything, although I suppose when I come home I’ll have a lot to tell. A lot goes on up in that “wild blue yonder”. It’s getting late now ma, and I’m tired. 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    • On 4 October 1944 Thunderbolts of American 406 FG (513 FS), stationed at Mourmelon-le-Grand in France, had orders to attack the marshalling yards at Landau in the Palatinate. At about 17 hrs the formation encountered heavy flak fire and tried to regroup after that. During this action Fillipo Antonucci got lost with his plane “Scarsdale Hobo”, most probably due to flak fire. The aircraft crashed at about 17.40 hrs in Lisdorf-Holzmühle, 50 yards from the home of Alois Klein. Antonucci was hurled out of his plane during the explosion that took place on impact and landed directly in front of Klein’s house. His body was rather mutiliated and burned, the head was missing. Parts of the body were discovered near the wreckage. Two live bombs were discovered 20 yards from the crash site. Antonucci was buried on the Garrison Cemetery at Saarlouis. As English inscriptions had been found on parts of the wreckage and because of the many body parts it looked as it had been two fliers and the grave was erroneously marked with “Two English fliers”. After the war Antonucci could be identified without any doubt after an exhumation and was transferred into his home state of Connecticut in the USA where he now rests on the soldiers’ field in the town of Wilson.

      doclees11doclees112 dagen geleden
  • On this Day May 6 1941, the Republic P-47 Thunderbolt or "the Jug", took its very first flight. Happy Birthday to the Jug!!!🍰🎉🎊✨

    Fafnir02Fafnir022 dagen geleden
  • I wonder how much farther they could have flown if Lindbergh had taught them how to conserve gas like he did the P38 pilots in the Pacific.

    Eugene SpicerEugene Spicer3 dagen geleden
  • im i the only one floored by the near double ace shown at 12:08

    Fisk MacTaggertFisk MacTaggert3 dagen geleden
  • Love the T-Bolts. Have a quarter scale 4 stroke hanging in the rafters with the Normandy invasion stripes. A excellent flyer, and had to belly land it once. No damage,,just skinned paint. P-51 Mustang was also a absolute pig until you got rid of all the extra weight. The Juggers could carry that extra weight and still put on a very good show.

    kh40yrkh40yr4 dagen geleden
  • The P-47 rocks. 👍

    Choco LatteChoco Latte4 dagen geleden
  • The P-47 was a great aircraft, but comparing the P-47 and P-51 is a apple's and orange kind of thing. The P-47 was a good fighter, but the reason it was always on ground attack duty is it could not escort the bombers all the way. It doesn't matter how Amazing a aircraft is in a fight, if it doesn't have enough fuel to get to the fight. The P-51 did, It could go all the way and help stop the extreme loss in bombers and crew. So it got a lot of fame and love from the bomber crews.

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  • I figured a lot more than 35% of Twitter users were twits. Some of them must have accidentally responded yes.

  • Tank of the sky! "The Jug"

    Adam BaitelAdam Baitel4 dagen geleden
  • The best plane of WW2 was without a doubt the Maxim Gorky. At least it had a dining room.

    seapeddlerseapeddler4 dagen geleden
  • but it couldn't turn is soaked up it's good for its role but it would lose to a bf-109

    tiarnach osheatiarnach oshea5 dagen geleden
  • 1:43 am i tripping? Thats not a mustang thats a spitfire. And the thumbnail of “the spitfires greatest flaw” is a p51. Unless im tripping? Istg

    Zak NaqviZak Naqvi5 dagen geleden
  • Super chargers don't use exhaust and air, they use the belt drive of the engine. Its turbo chargers use air and exhaust.

    Spencer M0118Spencer M01185 dagen geleden
  • Not interested, i've seen already a comparison done by Gregs Airplanes and Automobiles. He does do his research very meticulously. With all original power at altitude charts, compulsory manifold pressures and so on. If there is a discussion on a topic he says so. I do not regard you very high as an engineer, probably you're a good media man.

    Henk OrmelHenk Ormel5 dagen geleden
  • While the P47 was not the best fighter, it probably led the field in the increasingly important ground attack role where heavy firepower and survivability against ground fire were paramount. It was a precursor of the fighter bombers of today.

    Nick JohnsonNick Johnson6 dagen geleden
  • War thunder players: Ah yes the revenge bomber

    XRA 17XRA 176 dagen geleden
  • 4:35 the way you put the video of the planes flying over the horses while talking about their horsepower was ingenious

    Auburn SmithAuburn Smith7 dagen geleden
  • "During World War II, the city of Evansville manufactured vast amounts of armaments that were vital to the Allied victory. The Evansville Ordnance Plant made 96 percent of all .45-caliber ammunition used in the war, while the Republic Aviation Plant produced more than 6,500 P-47 Thunderbolts - almost half of all P-47s built during the war. At its peak, the local shipyard employed upward of eighteen thousand men and women who forged 167 of the iconic Landing Ship Tank vessels. In this captivating and fast-paced account, University of Evansville historian James Lachlan MacLeod reveals the enormous influence these wartime industries had on the social, economic and cultural life of the city." Evansville in World War II

    Ron DRon D7 dagen geleden
  • When I was growing up and from the 7th grade on, I must have read EVERY BOOK on US Army Aviation! I also read just about EVERYTHING on US Navy Aviation AND EVERY Important and Significant battle there was! I turned 12 in June of 1969. By the time I was 13 or 14, it was decided, the aircraft that I would want to fly in WWII would have been, hand's down, the "CHUNKY", P-47 ! She could take a lickn' but keep on tickn'! My favorite! Now, I'm "JUST" a retired, A&P Mechanic That's a Licensed Aircraft Mechanic's Credential's, here in the USA. Take my word for it, without the P-47, the war in Europe would have been noticibly longer! I would easily believe 35% of you subscribers don't agree. I thought it would be even more than that! You 35% need to get READING!

    Dean SmithDean Smith8 dagen geleden
  • Rest In Peace to the 201st airborne fighter squadron 🇲🇽

    SpitFireSpitFire8 dagen geleden
  • and this is where racecars got a whooollle lot faster, lol

    Cynical709Cynical70910 dagen geleden
  • I'm never call this ugly thing good

    Norsk HejdeNorsk Hejde12 dagen geleden
  • "We have a cooling system to cool the heated system that's powered by the heated system" and my brain has turned off

    Taylor CoccioloneTaylor Cocciolone12 dagen geleden
  • Back in the day, they called that system a "turbosupercharger". But in more modern terms, that is a contradiction, it's either a turbocharger if the compressor is driven by an exhaust gas turbine, or a supercharger if the compressor is gear driven directly off the engine's crankshaft. This was a turbocharger. The water infection added almost 200hp. I also thought it was interesting that the older "razorbacck" fuselage version of this plane was 5 knots faster than the later bubble canopy versions, as they were more aerodynamic, but this was something the pilots were more than willing to trade off for the ability to see behind them.

  • Ok I play war thunder a military online action game and the P-47 has good armament yes but it has a slow rate or climb and dose have a good engine but it’s heavy for a plane and slows it down the P-51 has a greater max speed that it

    Baltazar GonzalezBaltazar Gonzalez12 dagen geleden
  • The difference between the Mustang and the Thunderbolt is this: the Mustang Was a sword, sleek, elegant, nimble, usable by only the best. The Thunderbolt, by contrast is a hammer. Simple, strong, tough, and built to last.

    EddieEddie13 dagen geleden
  • It was the best

    ditto1958ditto195813 dagen geleden
  • the plane is unusually *thick*

    WW1 LuigiWW1 Luigi14 dagen geleden
  • Brasilian fighter pilots over Italy says YES

    Alvaro BrazAlvaro Braz15 dagen geleden
  • What is the definition of a supercharger? To me it clearly looks like a turbocharger, exhaust is used to run an air compressor and feed more air to the engine. I think that a supercharger is a device directly connected to the engine with a belt or something else maybe that runs the compressor.

    DavidDavid15 dagen geleden
  • ass farm

    burroaks7burroaks716 dagen geleden
  • This plane is the reason why I have jets in war thunder

    Cyber SerkerCyber Serker16 dagen geleden
  • FANTASTIC video! Hit all of the important aspects of this amazing fighter I a very interesting and relevant fashion! 5 stars ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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  • I thought the P-51 was the best. 🙃

    Aust SlavAust Slav16 dagen geleden
    • @Aust Slav sad red yak-3 noises*

      Cyber SerkerCyber Serker15 dagen geleden
    • @Cyber Serker sad BF-109 noises*

      Aust SlavAust Slav15 dagen geleden
    • Sad spitfire noises*

      Cyber SerkerCyber Serker16 dagen geleden
  • question: has the p47 a supercharger too? mean a blower for low altitude and after reach it, then the turbocharger kicked in. or am i wrong?

    bambam144bambam14417 dagen geleden
  • Great video. Subbed! The jug wasn't pretty to look at. But she was a rugged plane.

    Linkman247Linkman24718 dagen geleden
  • I wish gaijin entertainment sponsored you

    TaWandrea BlandTaWandrea Bland18 dagen geleden
  • Most of the horsepower increase from water injection is from the higher allowable manifold pressure due to the the mixture acting as anti-detonant. The mixture is injected into the engine but then that is also supplemented with opening the throttle more to let in more air. Using water injection the P-47 upped its max allowable manifold pressure from 52" Hg (2000 horsepower) to 56"Hg (2300 horsepower). Later on when 150 octane fuel was introduced that manifold pressure could be upped even higher to 70" Hg (2700 horsepower) with water injection or 65" Hg (2600 horsepower) without.

    dogenessdogeness19 dagen geleden
  • You tube sucks!!!! Good luck with the other platforms!!

    Ciaran BrennanCiaran Brennan19 dagen geleden
  • that plane has got thicc thighs

    mustang thekittenmustang thekitten20 dagen geleden
  • its the jugg

    mustang thekittenmustang thekitten20 dagen geleden
  • The M4 of the skies, along with the T-34 of the skies, Yak 9 and the Flying Panzer 3: the BF-109. WW2 Planes are weird and wonderful

    Paul Zet now with BeansPaul Zet now with Beans20 dagen geleden
  • That is not a supercharger. It is a turbocharger.

    Dayne PefleyDayne Pefley20 dagen geleden
  • Not to mention their role as close air support. The Escuadron 201 of the Mexican Air Force used the P47D to great effect in the Philippines, even in a dive bomber mission (which the plane was definitely NOT designed for). They destroyed a number of Japanese convoys and other ground targets, and if memory is correct naval targets in port.

    1207rorupar1207rorupar20 dagen geleden
  • P47=hefty chonk

    Karen GanzevoortKaren Ganzevoort20 dagen geleden
  • staing facts is not enginerring....lets talk about that 180 return for turbos then we might talk. please stop wasting my time reading wiki.

    Ima StonerIma Stoner20 dagen geleden
  • I knew an old WWII & cold era pilot years ago who told me cool pilot stories. I asked him of all the planes he flew, which would he take to battle. He said the P47. I ask why and he said, "Because it'll get you home."

    Crashburn 32Crashburn 3220 dagen geleden
  • “Fitted with an ***alcohol*** water mixture-“ So it's a vodka-powered plane

    Yuujin.Yuujin.21 dag geleden
  • So it was turbo charged not super charged

    Barney StinsonBarney Stinson21 dag geleden
  • But a supercharger by definition is powered by the crank if the engine. This is a turbocharger, it runs off of the exhaust gas to compress the intake air.

    Can O Frikin BeansCan O Frikin Beans21 dag geleden
  • 4:35

    Chongo OkChongo Ok21 dag geleden

    Nathan Pero AndreiNathan Pero Andrei21 dag geleden
  • Why did they build it so big? Because they could .......😎

    nor 08nor 0821 dag geleden
  • My Dad watched Baa Baa Blacksheep on T.V.!!!

    Doug HiltonDoug Hilton22 dagen geleden
  • War thunder's Bomber-pilot deleter/America CAS supressory

    MarcMarc23 dagen geleden
  • It had the highest survival rate for its pilots so that is more than good enough for me to think/ believe it was/is hands down the best ww2 single-engine fighter for the allies, at the very least. It also had a kill rate second only to the corsair (I think I've heard 9 to 1 while corsair, I believe, was 11 to 1) but it was still faster than the corsair and had a better survival rate. I don't like the bubble canopy because from what i've heard/seen in documentaries, it was not made with 'bulletproof' glass. I could be wrong about that, if I am then i'll take the bubble canopy. I have heard conflicting info about which plane was produced in the highest numbers... i've heard that it was the p-47 but i've also heard it was the corsair so I don't know which.

    Danielle MurphyDanielle Murphy23 dagen geleden
  • Wouldn’t it be a turbo charger and not super charge because the impeller is powered by exhaust gas and not by the engine itself?

    Houston NewtonHouston Newton23 dagen geleden
  • Plane be thiccc

    Joe H.SJoe H.S23 dagen geleden
  • The P-47: Thicc and Thirsty

    Tyler HendrixTyler Hendrix24 dagen geleden
  • Excellent video, clear concise, a narrator who doesn't have a boring voice & I liked the very limited background music which in reality is not that necessary. I came in here to watch & hear factual comments not to listen to what is often (not on this occasion though) shithouse music that is best listened to whilst occupying the bathroom!! Overall, so well done indeed!!

    Brendon RutherfordBrendon Rutherford24 dagen geleden
  • How dare You didnt show the p51 in a d version!

    Collin PankratzCollin Pankratz24 dagen geleden
  • Please do a video on Soviet : mig three...or lag five and seven..or hell do both! Lmao very well done on this one forsure !

    nonof yourbuzynessnonof yourbuzyness25 dagen geleden
  • is it just me or is that plane looking kinda THICC

    Daan KruitDaan Kruit25 dagen geleden
  • That's a turbocharger

    Jeremy BorderJeremy Border25 dagen geleden
  • Thicc Boi go CHUGGACHUGGA

    Josh UhlmanJosh Uhlman25 dagen geleden
  • *every panzereinheit be vibin till you see a plump plane with 8 guns and 6 bombs on its hardpoints*

    FlickeRRing LightswitchFlickeRRing Lightswitch26 dagen geleden
  • SO that has all the parts of a turbocharger. What about it made it a supercharger?

    Tyler MilliganTyler Milligan26 dagen geleden
  • Can we get some piece of hardware that ISN'T American?

    Johann BachJohann Bach26 dagen geleden
  • Nah the me 262 is better (in my opinion

    Sir. JustainSir. Justain26 dagen geleden
  • UNHAPPY - no $14.79 no code, "realengineering" - Pending CURIOSITYSTREAM Amount ~ $19.99

    Larry JohnsonLarry Johnson27 dagen geleden
  • Flying tank, haha

    RichardRichard27 dagen geleden
  • I fell in love w p47 especially the b variant well it may not have the speed but i love it

    7A_02_Andhika Widnyana7A_02_Andhika Widnyana27 dagen geleden
  • Technically a turbo, great vis tho

    Nurb NordNurb Nord28 dagen geleden
  • This is a great plane indeed. I have several RC versions and it is easy to land......for a Warbird 👊🏻😎👊🏻

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  • The deserted vest conceptually bolt because dredger parallely screw except a merciful clutch. actually, different possibility

    Olivia EaleyOlivia Ealey29 dagen geleden
  • According to (and other resources such as the "Great Planes" series): it gained a nickname: the "Jug" (because its profile was similar to that of a common milk jug of the time)

    WB8FEQWB8FEQ29 dagen geleden
  • That's not Supercharged

    Kari GreydKari Greyd29 dagen geleden
  • There is no such unit as the 344th Fighter Group.

    Jonathan BernsteinJonathan Bernstein29 dagen geleden
  • Your data on the fuel tanks is partially incorrect. It is accurate for the Razorback versions, but the D-25 and later had a 270 gallon main tank, for total internal fuel of 370 gallons.

    Jonathan BernsteinJonathan Bernstein29 dagen geleden
  • insane engeneering was the ME 262..... the P 47 was just a propeller plane

    Dennis HoffmannDennis Hoffmann29 dagen geleden
  • I have one question. When they developed these engines why did they refer to them as supercharged? As I understand it superchargers are belt or gear driven and turbochargers are driven off of exhaust gases, if someone could explain to me why they used this certain terminology thatd be cool I'd like to learn as much as I can

  • As I was watching this and got to the part where you were defining a meter, it occurred to me that all of our measurements rely on things we call constant. Perhaps I am misunderstanding something within basic physics, but all of this makes the assumption that time is also a constant. It is not. We know gravity effects time. We know that at a quantum level, we can observe "the effect" prior to "the cause". We know from Heisenberg that as we more precisely measure the position of a particle, measurements of velocity (or angular moment) becomes increasingly imprecise. So, if time is not constant... then neither is the speed of light, because "speed" relies on time to measure. Would this not perhaps account for the missing mass and energy in the universe? Perhaps a reason to take another look at the spooky dark matter debate? I realize I am probably wrong, so what am I missing here?

    Shad YoungShad YoungMaand geleden
  • Does 'range' include return to starting point?

    Pendulous TesticularisPendulous TesticularisMaand geleden
  • The P-47 having a radial engine meaning that ground fire could hit it and it would run with bullet holes in it, Where as the Spit and Mustang would go down. I spoke many years ago to a WW2 pilot that went from a Mustang to a Thunderbolt he said that the Tbolt save his life because it was a tougher plane

    Daniel KavanaughDaniel KavanaughMaand geleden
  • I thought this was going to be about when you turn 47 and you have to pee a lot

    MrShanester117MrShanester117Maand geleden
  • Lists great fighters of the war. Lists Stuka. No mention of P-38. P-38: *cries*

    russetwolf13russetwolf13Maand geleden
  • Engineering channel does not know the difference between turbo ard supercharger :D

    Dawid TarchałaDawid TarchałaMaand geleden
  • There was an incident that amazed German soldiers commented about after the war and the AAF had the gun film to back it up. Some P-47's were flying low thru an industrial area dropping bombs with one clipping a tall brick smokestack with a wing. The impact tore off 6 feet of the wing but the P-47 kept flying and circled around to take another crack at the target. It dropped it's bomb load and flew back to the airfield.

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