The Truth About 5G

9 mei. 2020
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Writer/Narrator: Brian McManus
Editor: Dylan Hennessy Animator: Mike Ridolfi (
Sound: Graham Haerther (
Thumbnail: Simon Buckmaster


Thank you to AP Archive for access to their archival footage.

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  • Yes, the title is intended to draw in the conspiracy theorists. Clickbait for the greater good. While you are here, Real Science just released a fantastic video on the challenges surrounding Covid-19 testing. It taught me a lot about how viral tests work and why we are struggling to keep up:

    Real EngineeringReal EngineeringJaar geleden
    • @AlwaysHaveAplanB I didnt say anything about importance. You said there is more than 1 reason it gets dark, which is wrong. There is 1 and only 1 reason it gets dark. The earths rotation is totally unaffected by the animals that use darkness to hide or hunt. Life on earth could end and it would still get dark the same way it does now. None of this changes the fact that there is nothing whatsoever to suggest that 5G towers have any negative effects on animals. Its only uneducated, science denying, conspiracy theorists like you and other people in this thread that try to convince other people that they are dangerous for reasons that you make up with no evidence to support them.

      astrolover 95astrolover 9527 dagen geleden
    • @astrolover 95 you may need to broaden your reading lists. Dark Skies need to be preserved for numerous reasons. Google it.

      AlwaysHaveAplanBAlwaysHaveAplanB27 dagen geleden
    • @AlwaysHaveAplanB ; except WE aren't , THEY are...& yes, there are already drastic drops in the population of many species of both flora & fauna . This is quite extensive, but maybe it will address some of the items you've brought up. There are many different PDFs to go through, *** also, there are some interesting vids on bitchute showing effects on insects on there.

      money penni1money penni127 dagen geleden
    • @AlwaysHaveAplanB and no, there is not "more than 1 reason for dark skies." The sky doesn't get dark for the nocturnal animals, the sky only gets dark because the earth has rotated and the side you are on is now facing away from the sun. Or are you also a flat earther?

      astrolover 95astrolover 9528 dagen geleden
    • @AlwaysHaveAplanB except that they are not directly harmful like people want to make them out to be. You can wine all you want about unknowns, but if they were actually going harm anything then we would have seen the effects a long time ago when we started using electronic communication. The fact is that nobody but uneducated science deniers care about conspiracy theories like 5G somehow being some horrible thing all of a sudden while nobody ever complained about the previous generations.

      astrolover 95astrolover 9528 dagen geleden
  • All I want to know how it works. What kind of towers. Are they different physical structures? If not, is it really different? Instead, I feel like I am hearing someone speak German to me.

    Man in the ParkMan in the Park5 uur geleden
  • 5G = Internet of People (Total control) People are so stupid... especially techie geeks.

    M ColaM Cola7 uur geleden
  • When big brother stops eave dropping communications 4G would be enough for all.

    Paul ZastepaPaul Zastepa10 uur geleden
  • Nicht nur auf der Erklärungen.....Tatsache & Wahrheit......

    Tan Thien NguyenTan Thien Nguyen17 uur geleden
  • So hoch heben können auf der Hebesystem......

    Tan Thien NguyenTan Thien Nguyen17 uur geleden
  • Back to landline telephone simple life

    John LyndemJohn Lyndem2 dagen geleden
  • Here is the *REAL* truth with actual scientific research to support the facts. Wifi has been proven to cause cancer. Many countries (who care about their citizens) are restricting wifi. Even the US supreme court has found the risks are too great. It could take 25 - 40 years for a brain tumor of this type to mature, but you will notice the symptoms after 5 to 10 years. References below or simply google it. "The truth about mobile phone and wireless radiation" -- Dr Devra Davis Don't be afraid to do some research to learn so you can be a part of the solution. Read the books -- 'Undue Risk' by Jonathan D. Moreno 'Behind The Fog' by Lisa Martino-Taylor

    Zarrah KatZarrah Kat5 dagen geleden
  • Dude it’s literally all about greater bandwidths we can’t keep using the same amount with greater population

    PunkU 500PunkU 5007 dagen geleden
  • Why would someone that have a degree in biomedical engineering and one year of aeronautical engineering talk about EE and with that confidence is beyond me. I’m BS mechanical engineer and I would never do it, especially not with that confidence and attitude. If you are interested in 5G topi c you can watch German PhD physicist Sabine Hossenfelder (LINK: She also talks about other science problems so if you are a fan of scientific correct information, I defiantly suggest you to check out her channel.

    NikNik9 dagen geleden
  • You people should ut I be Ella's on utube. .

    Melody ThompsonMelody Thompson11 dagen geleden
  • Monitoring soirits

    Melody ThompsonMelody Thompson11 dagen geleden
  • My phone has been making this noise all day . It gets quiet . But if I speak on my home . It makes a noise again

    Melody ThompsonMelody Thompson11 dagen geleden
  • Their throwing peoples phones off the network . With track phones.. .I had to call the fcc

    Melody ThompsonMelody Thompson11 dagen geleden
  • this reminds me a year ago when someone asked me if I knew about G5. yes g - 5

    JOEYJOEY11 dagen geleden
  • You are dead wrong. Look up US military 'radar' installations called PAVE PAWS. They have to shut them down to repair them or the repairman dies. In 1962 the Navy did a study regarding their PAVE PAWS systems. The report listed (on 3 pages closely spaced) of all of the kinds of damage that WOULD result to humans and other mammals from encountering those energy levels and frequencies. It ain't radio you putz. Propagandist!

    Holeshot HunterHoleshot Hunter12 dagen geleden
  • In 1990 the military had a report on low ionizing radadiation, it DOES increase the possibility of causing cancer. However, you won't get it for 10-20+ years (talk to a family living near a cell tower - future revenue for the lawyers - or require telecom CEOS to move under cell towers - they will not). So it is like the tobacco industry saying it doesn't cause cancer. Low level ionize radiation affects or excites the calcium channels in the cell mitochondria. This has been scientifically proven but either gets discredited, or gets burried with all the positives of 5G. Plus this channel is selling the technology, maybe even being paid for the product/technology placement spot. This guy clearly didn't do his research, or maybe he is industry biased. They will probably delete my comment.

    Chip SmithChip Smith13 dagen geleden
    • @dino perfect

      Nurd VEVONurd VEVO12 dagen geleden
    • 5G is non-ionizing, boom, case-closed.

      dinodino13 dagen geleden
    • Congress won't do anything about it because they are in bed with the telecom industry (who gets donations? are they the same people in denial). Maybe when a family member gets cancer, maybe it is not genetics but rather the environment that we live in... I will legally fight when they put a 5G cell tower in my back yard. Screw 5G, I would would much prefer MORE wired fiberoptics then 5G.

      Chip SmithChip Smith13 dagen geleden
  • Сказки о Савраске,а физика 9 класса СССР - чем выше частота излучения,тем вреднее его воздействие,из-за увеличения энергии.

    анигиляторшаанигиляторша13 dagen geleden
  • Great video as always. We truly appreciate people like you

    Orange JuiceOrange Juice14 dagen geleden
  • The only problem is that China seems to be more advanced in the 5G tech. The Free World must work hard to one up their game before China dominates us all! How about 6G network using the like of StarLink systems?

    Tofu SanTofu San15 dagen geleden
  • Despite the efforts to suppress and give a slight ‘mind-rinse’ (because that’s all that’s needed) to the 5G lovers the pro5G propaganda is already being challenged and it is inevitable that in time the truth about health threats will be common knowledge. The willingly ignorant who think this is all conspiracy theory nonsense tend to be part of the ‘electronic working clsss’ with jobs in the computer game industry which apart from being infantile is an incredible waste of ‘preprogrammed time’, and the greedily expanding mobile phone industry! The CEOs and company directors along with the founders already know the risks to health. Few of these have mobile phones with them constantly and refuse to allow their children to have j limited access to a mobile phone.

    Kent PirateKent Pirate15 dagen geleden
    • @Nurd VEVO and you didn’t start being pedantic!? And being rude and presumptuous towards me won’t assert you being right as you’re wrong about everything. You sound very frustrated and attempting to be self assured that there are no health risks at all. The answer to your fixed rigidity in thinking is as was obvious from the start, you are a gamer. It’s hard for you to allow anything to change that. Perhaps one day when you are older and perhaps tire of playing games you might be liberated from defending the technology. In the mean time don’t think you ha e a right to assert your commitments over another who is warning others of risks to health. Talk to me in a few years.

      Kent PirateKent Pirate11 uur geleden
    • @Kent Pirate i absolutely did pay attention to what you said, my wording was just off. Pointing out my awful wording doesn't make you right. When I meant 'highly popular infrastructure' what I really should have said was 'important infrastructure for the average person with a phone of any kind' if you want to be that pedantic. The part about 'games industry' and alike has nothing to do with the conversation as a whole, because it's not just 'gamers' that defend this technology, it's people who actually know how it works, or draw logical conclusions to how things actually work (like normal people) The part CEO's not letting kids around tech. First, it's not all. Second, Don't you think it's just to raise the kids more maturely, than having them be on the internet 24/7? You don't need the longest and most convoluted answer for it to be true. It's non-ionizing radiation. The word 'Radiation' to you just sounds bad. In science, not everyone's opinion matters, not mine, not yours, because we aren't professionals in those fields, no matter how much research we do. People LIKE you spread all of this blatant misinformation around and make others believe it, because you're scared of something you can't understand fully. It's simply egotistical of you to do that. I'm so fed up with this.

      Nurd VEVONurd VEVO12 uur geleden
    • @Nurd VEVO ‘highly popular infrastructure’ (that’s a good one) isn’t necessarily the most important to infrastructure just because as you put it ‘popular’. Tobacconist stores are popular buildings around towns. What the ‘popular’ games ‘has to do with it’ is that it is, along with many other things a very significant a ‘user’ component of the industry, and if a person plays games or doesn’t play games it will decide for them if they are to expose the health risks or blindly defend 5G. As far as your reply: ‘they do carry around phones with them’? I never said they didn’t. I said they limit this and do t allow their children unlimited access. This unlike the average consumer who has the health risks hidden from them does, especially when playing the highly addictive games. Please pay attention!

      Kent PirateKent Pirate12 dagen geleden
    • Firstly, it's called 'blatant misinformation' making people, burn down literally infastructure that's highly popular. How would you watch this video without an internet connection to a cell phone tower at the very least. Second, games have nothing to do with this. The tech industry has been around longer than you've lived. Third, they do carry phones with them, and they do allow their children around phones and tech. Your comment sounds like bait, but here, if it was, know that I took it.

      Nurd VEVONurd VEVO12 dagen geleden

    Danny BarnettDanny Barnett17 dagen geleden
    • You're most likely experiencing the nocebo effect, not actual physical harm, how the effect works is complicated but simply put your stone-hard belief that 5g is the thing hurting you is the thing causing the headaches not 5g itself

      Luis Rodrigo Diaz garciaLuis Rodrigo Diaz garcia12 uur geleden
    • @Danny Barnett you don't get it. Your brain is making up associations. 5G was not the cause for your headaches, something else was. Do you even live in a place covered by 5G, and if so, do you actually have a carrier that provides you with 5G and a phone for it? Get back to your senses, dude.

      Nurd VEVONurd VEVO12 dagen geleden

      Danny BarnettDanny Barnett14 dagen geleden
    • how can you prove that's 5g's fault.

      Vic_toryVic_tory14 dagen geleden
  • nokia 3110c

    QUEST for EducationQUEST for Education17 dagen geleden
  • “China was long ago set to be the 5G showcase for the world. Major metro areas and technology hubs like Wuhan were selected to be official 5G Demonstration Zones. Only such a high concentration of 5G radio-frequency transmitters and microwave towers would permit a citywide build-out of the Internet of Things. 2019 was the year Wuhan, the capital of Hubei, was “expected to have 10,000 5G base stations by the end of 2019, said Song Qizhu, head of Hubei Provincial Communication Administration”.[1] Then the coronavirus hit, so the whole world was told. What really happened was that a new variant of the coronavirus was released in Wuhan after the 5G experimenters saw an epidemic of 5G Syndrome explode. The 5G guinea pigs were literally dropping like flies as soon as they flipped the 5G switch. The ERs and urgent care clinics were overwhelmed. The 5G scientists watching the burgeoning public health crisis immediately activated Plan B: Blame it on a virulent flu-a bioengineered coronavirus that produces symptoms similar to 5G Syndrome.”

    Harvey Beeker the Grey SquirrelHarvey Beeker the Grey Squirrel18 dagen geleden
    • Okay so two things: One you obviously copy pasted this from somewhere else since you still have the citation brackets in the text, and two this is correlation NOT causation the virus happened because of poor sanitary conditions in animal markets that made it easier for diseases to spread cross-species not because of 5g signals in that area

      Luis Rodrigo Diaz garciaLuis Rodrigo Diaz garcia12 uur geleden
    • @dino too right, dude

      Nurd VEVONurd VEVO12 dagen geleden
    • A pretty cool conspiracy, I'll give you that.

      dinodino13 dagen geleden
  • Great but it skips over the early years. Mobile phones got established around 1996-99, the rest is techy detail. I well remember a conversation circa 1990 with a reject engineer from Racal Decca which became Vodaphone. To the effect that nah, they'll never do it

    MrPwmilesMrPwmiles18 dagen geleden
  • You is just an engineer that's all you can understand lol

    Celtic CornerCeltic Corner20 dagen geleden
  • Isn't it... When you study it all it controlled by the lizard people 😂 prove us wrong all the study leads to them.. Draconians and you are under Draco rules lol look it up Boris Johnson even tells you on This morning back in march 2020

    Celtic CornerCeltic Corner20 dagen geleden
  • In this topic u had said which is absulte wrong

    J&M TRADERSJ&M TRADERS21 dag geleden
  • the 8.4k dislike is from the insane people.

    Frank ZhangFrank Zhang23 dagen geleden
    • Too right, dude

      Nurd VEVONurd VEVO12 dagen geleden
  • Motorola USA invented cellular in 1973 and yet you reference japan in 1979 and show nothing but Motorola USA-based legacy videos. Huh? - Iridium Engineer. The greatest improvement of 3G in Europe was WCDMA (Qualcomm Tech) which allowed 1:1 frequency re-use (can use the same frequency in every cell). This is 3x more efficient that 2G which had 1:3 reuse (had to color each cell with a different frequency because adjacent hexagonal cells could not use the same frequency in 2G). 3G was possible because of interference averaging across cells via CDMA. - Qualcomm Engineer.

    D GilliesD Gillies24 dagen geleden
  • Thinking only from an engineering(physics and math) perspective is not good . Considering how it affects on living objects (Biology) , and its effects on non living objects (Chemistry) is necessary. example of effect on Biology: we humans have ears that are sensitive to sound waves of frequency 20hz-20khz and eyes that are sensitive to light radiation of frequency from 4.3 THz-7.5THz. similarly other living beings also are sensitive to different frequency waves (can research on this for proof). If a loud speaker is turned on and kept in our surrounding how would we feel? Similarly other living species will also feel terrible and would eventually leave that area. Since we are also living beings we depend on other living beings directly or indirectly (example food chain) and in many different ways. ( it will require deep explanation but you guys can research on this for proof ) So We may also be effected indirectly and these effect can be good/bad. (Please search web how a species extinction effects humans and environment ). Exploiting any matter that is not visible to us or does not affect us directly is not a good idea, since it may be causing disturbance to other living species or even non living objects that are linked to us indirectly. These indirect affects may not be instant but delayed (even many years later) but are definite .

    Raghavendra J.PRaghavendra J.P28 dagen geleden
  • Your chart at 11:46 is strange and misleading. Why is it backward, with the lowest frequencies at the right? Also, and more to the point, 5G is incorrectly placed. You show it at 10 to the 6th (10 MHz) whereas it should be at about 10 to the 9th (5 GHz), where you show what I believe to be a microwave oven.

    John SamuelsJohn SamuelsMaand geleden
    • Lmaoooo

      Nurd VEVONurd VEVO12 dagen geleden
  • Fun fact 5G has been around for years in our homes. Wifi routers have been using 5G signals for years and all routers have this technology.

    Jeff SchlagelJeff SchlagelMaand geleden
  • The guy that made this video sounds like a NWO gate keeper. I wonder how much he was paid to sell his soul? Surely, he couldn't have put this propaganda video together by himself.

    fanbuttonfanbuttonMaand geleden
    • Your mom

      Orange JuiceOrange Juice14 dagen geleden
  • That’s my boy

    Tommy RidolfiTommy RidolfiMaand geleden
  • LOL :)) china invented the first WI-FI but us try to scam them for free many years. in return no one in us will invent any thing similar if they can get for free. yes years went by china improve at lightning speed now us is left behind. thank you for reading.

    Alexander LeeAlexander LeeMaand geleden
  • Be afraid of the 5G!

    Sam CarrollSam CarrollMaand geleden
    • There's no reason to be afraid of 5G. There are no physical harmful frequencies or powers coming from 5G

      Elektroniker EFZElektroniker EFZ13 dagen geleden
    • i'm afraid of conspiracy theorists more than anything

      dinodino13 dagen geleden
    • then go back to stone age DH

      Toge InumakiToge Inumaki15 dagen geleden
    • why should we?

      Elektroniker EFZElektroniker EFZ25 dagen geleden
    • no

      PowerwolfPowerwolfMaand geleden
  • Why should we trust this guy anyways? He pronounces "H" as "H"!

    Luke SLuke SMaand geleden
  • We came for information about 5g, but we obtained information for all generations of wireless transmission. I can't complain.

    Lodestar SDLodestar SDMaand geleden
  • Can I download food with 5g?

    Rakesh SinghRakesh SinghMaand geleden
    • Probably

      Nurd VEVONurd VEVO12 dagen geleden
  • Why nobodys trying to get rid of sun? It causes more cancer.

    Randomnick123Randomnick123Maand geleden
  • If you know anything about Rife technology you'd know that there are frequencies that heal but guess what.. there are frequencies that harm... It's nothing wrong with asking the questions and doing independent unbiased research to protect the public.. The people who try to make a mockery of legitimate concerns are just blindly obedient lemmings that trust authority in spite of mountains of evidence of "Man's inhumanity to Man" ... There are countless cases of corporations releasing products that they knew were harmful but after they factored in the profits versus lawsuits they concluded that they'ed make billions of dollars and might have to pay out one hundred million... Do research on the "Dalkon Shield" to get incite on how corporations factor in profit potential versus liability ! Happens everyday but big business propagandize stupid people into functioning against their own best interest !

    Avatar7x7Avatar7x7Maand geleden
  • let's helping and working together all world wide humantiy ane asmelash gebremariam gebrezgabhe eye cob Ethiopia Tigraway

    Below asmelash habel shutel GebremaraimBelow asmelash habel shutel GebremaraimMaand geleden
  • I am by no means against 5G but if it was so safe at any distance why are there protocols for utility workers that are working within 200’ of one of these towers.... we need to shut them down every time no matter how long we work on the pole

    Bohagna !Bohagna !Maand geleden
    • That could be because ALOT of power are going in to and out of these things and so an accident while it's running could be catastrophic. Of course I'm no engineer so what do I know 🤷‍♂️

      Grand Admiral ThrawnGrand Admiral ThrawnMaand geleden
  • Mark Zuckerberg: i control 5G

    Tenxor EngineTenxor EngineMaand geleden

    Peter VirtsPeter VirtsMaand geleden
    • @dino lol you do know that conspiracies, actually means Truth, unless you are a Liberal.

      Peter VirtsPeter Virts12 dagen geleden
    • @Peter Virts cool conspiracies

      dinodino13 dagen geleden
    • aw man. i guess i gotta throw out my times tables

      ParParParPar15 dagen geleden
    • @MrCuriocat Actually I watched the whole video and the only thing that he said true is that it is a military weapon, but hey go get your Nanobot Vaccine mRNA check me out later.

      Peter VirtsPeter VirtsMaand geleden
    • @Peter Virts So you'll only watch 1 min of a video that tries to argue in favor of 5G, but will watch "too many" videos of something that is critical of it? Yeah, I think I see the problem here. I suggest you go and explore the words "confirmation bias" and "echo chamber" and then think about your life on chemtrail and 5G scare sites that you obviously frequent.

      MrCuriocatMrCuriocatMaand geleden
  • Is this responsible for killing birds and insects?

    Its TimeIts TimeMaand geleden
    • no

      Toge InumakiToge Inumaki15 dagen geleden
    • no its not.

      PowerwolfPowerwolfMaand geleden
    • no

      Andrei IAndrei IMaand geleden
  • 5G is an energy hog. Not "green" in the least. Yet humans are flocking to it so we can watch movies on our phones. A 5G installation requires 3X the power of 4G, and you need 3X as many stations to cover the same area. So we unquestioningly are adopting a technology that uses 9 times the current level of power use. Yeah, millennials, you really care about global warming. And don't forget bitcoin energy use, as much as several small countries--and for what? No, humans are not going to survive their own excesses.

    DelavanDelavanMaand geleden
  • Not very scientific to simply say "it's not dangerous, how could it be?" Your reasonings are ridiculous. You compare to a street lamp, which might use 50-100 watts. A 5G installation operates at FAR higher power (10,000 watts per installation, 3x the typical 4G tower). And this happens at street level, not high on a tower as you depict. So your explanation does nothing to dispell any fears, it only serves to confirm biases of those who already choose not to believe any harm from 5G. Furthermore, that microwave weapon used a less-than 1-second pulse of microwaves. A 5G transmitter radiates continuously.

    DelavanDelavanMaand geleden
    • Umm excuse me WHAT? A typical 2/3/4G cellular base station has an output power of 20-100 watts. 5 G uses more less powerful 10-20 watt transmitters.

      Elye RyanElye RyanMaand geleden
  • we still use 3g

    Malik lxmlMalik lxmlMaand geleden
  • The truth about 5G *gets an ad on 5G*

    NBD HydraNBD HydraMaand geleden
  • What a vedio...

    Arif jan mandokhailArif jan mandokhailMaand geleden
  • Fun fact: all phone companies warn users about the health risks using electronic their communications devices especially mobiles.

    Kent PirateKent PirateMaand geleden
    • @まりぜ read Diesel emissions scandal! Then try to say it’s the same!

      Kent PirateKent Pirate13 dagen geleden
    • Read the legal disclosure on I-phone. They try to make it as confusing as possible, but I interpenetrate it as radio frequencies are not good for you.

      Chip SmithChip Smith13 dagen geleden
    • @まりぜ no it’s not exactly the same. What’s exactly the same is the tobacco industry scam. Yes, I knew that about the office chairs, this is a result of law suit damage cases that lawyers in America were first responsible for and spread world wide in the 80s. What you refer to is all true but the issue is that people, mainly those working in the electronic industry refuse to accept or admit that there are health risks at all. It’s like they promote G5 and mobile phones as being on par with eating organic vegetables. The point is that all the negative effects are deliberately hidden by the seller like the tobacco industry before it and the car fume emissions that cheated tests. What’s the northern Yorkshire translation of ‘Buyer beware’!?

      Kent PirateKent Pirate13 dagen geleden
    • It's the same as car companies warn car buyers who brought their car that the metal-cage-with-engine machine that they're buying could kill them or could cause prolonged health issues. That doesn't mean that it would, Though... granted if that user is operating it as intended... Everything have risks nowadays (Or even since a long time ago), if you don't want to be paranoid about it you might as well just live in a cave. Also fun fact: Did you know, some office chairs even came with a health risk warning for sitting on them for too long? Might as well stop using the chairs while you're at it.

      まりぜまりぜ13 dagen geleden
  • He forget to tell about packet loss, jitter, MIMO, and carrier aggregation

    Antony DecostaAntony DecostaMaand geleden
  • Electromagnetic radiation contain gamma rays are radiation hazard for the entire body, as they pass through they can cause ionizations that damage tissue and DNA.

    Terry SmithTerry SmithMaand geleden
    • Are you telling that the whole electromagnetic spectrum is ionizing radiation? How stupid are you?

      Jun10r1117Jun10r11178 dagen geleden
    • Well yes, but gamma rays have extremely tiny wavelength way smaller than even visible light. Radio/microwaves for cellular towers have even longer wavelength visible light.

      Pi Cubing OfficialPi Cubing Official16 dagen geleden
    • Yes they do.... BUT only if the electromagnetic waves ARE gamma waves. If they aren’t (like 5G, radio, light, etc) it isn’t. X ray and gamma are the 2 highest on the EM spectrum and the only ionizing waves. 5G is pretty much as harmful as light. And light of course isn’t harmful

      Mudkip909Mudkip909Maand geleden
    • I agree with your post. Interesting how this BS video addresses none of the abundant scientific information on radiation hazard and in fact minimizes, trivialing what more highly educated have intelligently documented. We're not "afraid of 5G," we're intelligent.

      Crystal ZionCrystal ZionMaand geleden
  • Wow. Well Dr. Martin Pall definitely disagrees with you. As do a number of others. Care to comment how EMFs impact Voltage-Gated Calcium Channels and what excessive calcium inside the cell does to human health????? Bunch of corporate whores.

    peterson553peterson553Maand geleden
    • I agree with your post. Interesting how this BS video addresses none of the abundant scientific information on radiation hazard and in fact minimizes, trivialing what more highly educated have intelligently documented. We're not "afraid of 5G," we're intelligent.

      Crystal ZionCrystal ZionMaand geleden
  • I have a 2.4g RC transmitter with 2x 4w signal boosters and 5dbi omni antennas. I once forgot to turn off the transmitter and drove around with it in the car for a while before I got home. Later that day I remember having a powerful headache. I am not sure there is any direct correlation, but is there any chance the headache could have been triggered by the radio transmitter. Would 2.4g RF with a 4w booster connected to a yagi cantenna pointed at someone's head pose health hazards long term? I've been advised not to use a triple feed patch antenna on a transmitter (5.8g) with a signal booster pointed directly at a person.

    Saif CathumSaif CathumMaand geleden
  • EMF and tinnitusI have noticed a following health disturbing phenomenon. Every day 5G LTE MIMO beamforming makes tinnitus in the ears. Especially in the mornings and afternoon. A standard metal caliper measuring tool is able to tune frequencies to a quarter of their wavelength (i.e. peak of power) and thus whining tinnitus noise at different frequencies in the ears. The transmitter's tinnitus noise can also be heard by turning the metal caliber perpendicular to the transmitter.The peak of a wavelet tinnes because it has a peak of the wavelengths energy. 1. Use the metal caliper measuring tool to apply the horizontal direction to its long side toward the transmitter (tinnitus increases or decreases), 2. Direct the elevation angle toward the transmitter (tinnitus increases or decreases). 3. The spatial peak power field you can search for a place in space in the north, east, south, west, and elevation in about 0.5 m3 (tinnitus increases or decreases) 4. The forks of the caliper are vertically or laterally usually vertically. 5. Then just tune in to 1/4 wavelengths and listen to different types of tinnitus. 6. The prongs of the caliper should be held, for example, with the left hand, the index finger on the front fork and the thumb held on the back fork while listening. The tinnitus frequency X is calculated as follows of the highest tinnitus found. Speed ​​of light / wavelength = frequency (hz) speed of light = 2779724588 m / s = 27797245800 cm / s wavelength = measure obtained with a caliper * 4 or 29972945800 / (4 * found dimension (cm)) = X hz This may only work for those who already have tinnitus. One theoretical possibility could be that 5G waves harmonize with other wavelengths to produce tinnitus. I CHALLENGE EVERYONE TO TRY AND FINE TUNE! WORKS !! Measures to try: 8.516 cm to 7.807 cm 3G frequencies 880 to 960 MHz approx. 7,270 - 2,285 cm and approx. 6.8 cm secondary aviation radar 8.8 - 7.8 cm lower 5G frequency range 3.4 -3.8 ghz LTE 0.746 to 0.682 mm 5G 25Ghz frequency range 2.99 - 2.78 cm 4G LTE 3.90 - 3.455 cm 4G 2.1 Ghz 8.68 - 8.58 cm remotely readable electricity meter Frequency bands might vary in between the countries and might not work for your country!

    EliEliMaand geleden
  • keeping those algorithms happy.

    KoMaHu3λMKoMaHu3λMMaand geleden
  • Very good video. I am a microwave and telecommunications engineer and I had a good chuckle at you're explanation of OFDM. You were right that it is just a lot of maths.

    Jack FourieJack FourieMaand geleden
  • Damage goes well beyond the human race, as there is growing evidence of harmful effects to both plant and animal life.”

    Bernie bunzBernie bunz2 maanden geleden
    • This looks like a quote, where is it from?

      ZaretyaZaretyaMaand geleden
  • tldr: Goverment and corporates can track your position more accurately 3:51

    NeirdNeird2 maanden geleden
    • Correct! Did you know that's what people can do with literally _every_ WiFi network?

      ParParParPar15 dagen geleden
  • 6G can spawn a black hole and swallow the planet.

    Del SpoonerDel Spooner2 maanden geleden
  • "math or magic or something" Get 3Blue1Brown to take on explaining orthogonal waves.

    Pavel KomarovPavel Komarov2 maanden geleden
    • 5G and Covid-19-

      Goog NoogGoog Noog3 dagen geleden
  • KPOP

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  • 10:55 Please stop it 😭

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  • good

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  • Where’s this 5G? My phone buffers for 10 seconds pre-ad. Then I gotta wait 5 more seconds to skip it!

    Verbal Swag RawkeyVerbal Swag Rawkey2 maanden geleden
    • You must be referring to 5Ge, which is actually just 4.1G in disguise.

      ParParParPar15 dagen geleden
    • Unfortunately, 5G is being used by advertisers also.

      Joe PromedioJoe PromedioMaand geleden
  • I'm disappointed by the lack of kook comments. I expected at least 50% ".. but 5G is still gonna kill us all."

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    • sorting comments by newest gives me more cancer then 5G ever will

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    • Consider sorting by newest

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    • That's weird because I'm getting a good 40% of tinfoils here chief, something wrong on your end Edit: forget it, it's over 80%

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  • Those who think 5G is bad clearly haven't educated themselves. Our phones are transmitters not just receivers. mmWave isn't even here in the UK. We'll be using the old digital terrestrial TV band. We put Bluetooth sleep monitors nxt to our babies. 3.0-3.8ghz band that 5g makes use of in many countries is lower than the 5ghz band in our WiFi hubs. If you still fear 5g NR Street this video, stop switching your light bulbs on.....

    James VincentJames Vincent2 maanden geleden
    • @Crystal Zion what happens to you when you’re outside without sunscreen/sunblock is that UV rays from the sun are absorbed into your skin and give people sunburns if exposed long enough.

      Mudkip909Mudkip909Maand geleden
    • @Mudkip909 Light? You may be right, I mean when it's 80 degrees outside, I can be out in the sun all day and feel great BUT what happens to you if you are outside, especially without all your cancer causing sunblock products? You may not be the one to tell me 5G or Light is not harmful, lol. I'm skeptical about anything said by a race the hides from the sun, just not natural to me.

      Crystal ZionCrystal ZionMaand geleden
    • @Crystal Zion 5G is about as harmful as light. Light isn’t harmful

      Mudkip909Mudkip909Maand geleden
    • Interesting how this BS video addresses none of the abundant scientific information on radiation hazard and in fact minimizes, trivialing what more highly educated have intelligently documented. We're not "afraid of 5G," we're intelligent.

      Crystal ZionCrystal ZionMaand geleden
  • I'm glad you pointed out that HSPA is 3G. USA consumers have been mis educated by the mobile network operators that HSPA is 4G but that's so wrong. 4G is LTE only.

    James VincentJames Vincent2 maanden geleden
  • What you are talking man..what is the relative with the old Greeks..the 5g is 60 gigahertz they distroy the lungs etc.

    argyrakopoulos vasilisargyrakopoulos vasilis2 maanden geleden
    • @Mudkip909 To the theorists 5G would probably "go through the blood" and "attack the brain to make the lungs die"

      dinodino13 dagen geleden
    • How would that even affect the lungs lol

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  • There’s so much data and information in the air. Radio waves, frequency etc. It’s in the air and respective distance. Someone’s need to figure out how to receive those info

    Saiga LegacySaiga Legacy2 maanden geleden
    • Hmm I got an idea! How about an antenna connected to an LC circuit and diode (and an amp) and hook it up to a speaker!

      Mudkip909Mudkip909Maand geleden
  • man posipsl cant fack

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  • 5g dsnger to human

    Mohammad AlhdramiMohammad Alhdrami2 maanden geleden
    • @Merlin that bcuse u get cmition

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    • you are danger to humans

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  • bfor mobail company thay was very careful about frequinces when that mobil came from urob but senc that comin from east asia thay ar only locken aftar mony

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    • Panji Ryan troll probably

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    • @Panji Ryan ok ok at last 5g danger danger ok

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    • Are you being sarcastic? i can't make sense of your words

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    • @Panji Ryan i tel u abut 5g how this danger if got commission from company thats not may bissnise

      Mohammad AlhdramiMohammad AlhdramiMaand geleden
    • @Mohammad Alhdrami its literally just lower frequency light that we cant see

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  • The absorbing sun rheologically knock because waste hepatosplenomegaly cause concerning a waggish loan. needy, quaint porcupine

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  • The problem seems to be that all life dies because of the collapse of the magnetic field. Just like 42.000 years ago. And there's no joy out of any technological device after that. It does not help what people believe, weather they know or not, but it has got a lot to do with the artificial magnetic fields that the technology provides. Even if someone survives, they will pray that they had not for earth is going to be absolute hell.

    karri muurimaakarri muurimaa2 maanden geleden
  • Hallo an alle erstmal, ich habe in Moment eine Petition am Laufen und würd mich freuen falls du vorbeischauen würdest, es können auch nicht ÖsterreicherInnen teilnehmen.

    Artur SloyanArtur Sloyan2 maanden geleden
  • One of your best videos! I love the animation, and also the time-line that you chose to show. Very brilliantly done. As a real 5G Engineer, I think you've done justice to all the broad technical details and physics.

    Nir GutmanNir Gutman2 maanden geleden
  • The world is under mass surveillance and with the fourth industrial revolution on our way,a higher technology was needed and 5G was built.

    yadzyadz2 maanden geleden
  • Bro, can u do a video on "Effects of cellphone radiation on birds..!"

    P.Abubakar SiddiqP.Abubakar Siddiq2 maanden geleden
    • @rhn94 I bet PETA does tho

      Mudkip909Mudkip909Maand geleden
    • @Guido D.G. wind turbines don't kill many birds

      rhn94rhn942 maanden geleden
    • Birds like cellphone towers, it's high and full of hiding places where they are safe for predator birds. You better make a vid about the effects of domestic cats, and the effects of large glass windows, and the effect of wind turbines on birds. Those are all mass bird killers.

      Guido D.G.Guido D.G.2 maanden geleden
    • No because there is no such effect

      Force 15Force 152 maanden geleden
  • So the military wants to disperse crowds and have more tanned people?

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  • transgender

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  • 5g gave me autism

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  • Can we transfer the electricity by using electromagnetic waves instead of cables? Same as 5G technology?

    Bader Al SalehBader Al Saleh2 maanden geleden
  • Can we use the 5G waves converting it to electricity?

    Bader Al SalehBader Al Saleh2 maanden geleden
    • Maybe but it will be stupidly inefficient. It’s simply better to use wires

      Mudkip909Mudkip909Maand geleden
    • @Bader Al Saleh no, not enough energy, also inverse square law

      rhn94rhn942 maanden geleden
    • Yes, I’m working on this topic to create a tower can collect all radio waves and all other frequencies from the air then converted to electricity. Please let me know if there is anyone working in the same field.

      Bader Al SalehBader Al Saleh2 maanden geleden
    • You mean like harvesting energy from the towers for your house or mass energy production?

      T HT H2 maanden geleden
  • Some frequenzies make water boil, some cause skin cancer, if you remove frequenzies every molecule in our body react with, then its safe, only then.

    Perfect World of KarmaPerfect World of Karma2 maanden geleden
  • I see you can only pronouce "a" as "e". though it bothers me a lot, your quality content made up for it.

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  • 5G Is bad! To know why, Buy my Book that costs $299 in your local dark alley

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    • Is Fred the Alcoholic there lol

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    • No ocult/esoteric bookstore will ever contain enough bullshit to rival Karen's feed

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  • I think developers should forget 6g and expand 5g properly worldwide,5g is good enough if accessible to everyone

    Epic ClipsEpic Clips2 maanden geleden
    • fundamental misunderstanding of what 5g & 6g are

      rhn94rhn942 maanden geleden
  • Let's destroy the cell phone infrastructure,all those hideous towers leave hideous footprints and take up alot of area from wildlife and prob cause known and unknown problems for the critters.Maybe the bombardment of these radio waves saturating the planet has blown out the honey bees navigational capabilities.A problem effecting living creatures could be subtle but lead to long term problems,high voltage power lines have been linked to serious health problems,on a cellular level ,over time,,maybe 5G and other electronic pulses cause issues. And maybe this video is put out as misinformation to the herd to keep them tranquil and quite.Maybe they know the bees are getting jacked by these signals but arent about to shut down shop over the little honey bees.I bet if were proven to be harmful to creatures all the tree huggers would turn deniers and throw the little honey producers under the train and those hideous cell towers and eagle murdering wind mills escape the wrath of Gretchen Greenpeace and Non GMO Moe.See if you like the shit ,something that is otherwise odious can be ignored or tolerated by those that use or benefit from it.A double standard I believe it is called.I lived before the cell phone,internet era and actually miss the privacy and more simple lifestyle.when I left home there was no way for my parents or others to reach me,freedom,no anti social media existed to monitor and navigate around,Your girlfriend couldn't track your movements,hack your phone to mine your indiscretions and lies.Cocksuckers werent stealing you identity and tossing your life for months trying to unfuck what some troglodyte video game sloth did from his Cheetos and red bull smeared laundry heap.You young people have no idea how blissful a life without connection to the on going tragic shit circus that is provided by the internet.No constant bombardment of bad news,no beeps updates,uploads,constant stalking of others and by others on the endless social media loops,my generation had none of that shit,and didn't bully,harass , backstab hook up with old flings thru Facebook and so on,it was alot easier to not get your ass in a sling when there were much less ways to lie ,cheat and steal ,not to mention get caught.Now days it's a freakin round the clock drama fest that makes Maury povich's show seem like sponge Bob .So tear down those cell towers and enjoy life like your ancestors did,you'll toss the xanax,fire your counselor,keep a partner and help the bees.

    Jerry MarburyJerry Marbury2 maanden geleden
    • “Yes, tear down perfectly good hardware.” That’s what you sound like

      Mudkip909Mudkip909Maand geleden
    • And i guess i belong to that same generation as you and in general, our generation was exactly the same kind of useless backstabbing bullying etc people, we didn't need the internet for that.

      Guido D.G.Guido D.G.2 maanden geleden
    • People destroyed wildlife and their habitats long before cell towers existed. And you go cry over cell towers taking up a tiny space? Try to put things into perspective, will you? Ever thought it could be pesticides and stuff that are killing the bees, or is that too obvious for you?

      Guido D.G.Guido D.G.2 maanden geleden
    • Dude stop you're having a stroke, calm down, please

      MasterZappleMasterZapple2 maanden geleden
  • Please start regarding: 1) FREQUENCY, WAVELENGTH 2) POWER DENSITY 3) RESONANCE, INTERFERENCE, STANDING WAVE-FORMS 4) GROUNDING / ABSORPTION / EMBEDDING / COMPRESSION 5) APPLICATION 6) PULSE, MODULATION, POLARIZATION. DIGITALISATION, MULTIPLEX- TECH. (for starters you may argument with “RHYTHM”) The sympathetic resonance or anharmonic oscillation between proportional frequencies not only transmits energy, but also impulses (information). We are talking: stress (NON-THERMAL) EFFECTS … of polarized pulsed... microwaves. Talking ONLY THERMAL EFFECTS is CHILDREN- physics . Start growing up! *Properties of membranes and voltage-controlled (dependent) ion-channels and crystalline structures (in the human body and synergists including insects, bacteria, etc.) in DNA, membranes, mitochondria, microtubules may be "disrupted". *In his lectures, Prof. Martin Pall explains how the electrochemical gradient (potential) in cells can be amplified by approximately 7.2 million times due to electromagnetic influences. *Young tissue has a much higher extracellular water content than older tissue. This leads to a much deeper penetration of the effects (Dr. Devra Davis). Children have a higher surface to volume ratio, so their tissues are much more exposed to radiation. This makes them more susceptible to radiation. Children have a brain that is still developing, They have less thick bones (particularly relevant on the head). *DNA and stem cells are increased in children (studies by Dr. Igor Belyaev) *Single nucleotide polymorphism (SNPs "snips") are the most common type of genetic variation in humans. The American Cancer Society (Yale) has shown that such genetic factors make a difference in how and whether different people are more or less susceptible to certain environmental influences, especially cell phone radiation. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Stuff like: Wavelength divides evenly into circumference giving rise to two main geometric forms, the octave and the golden ratio. There is a quasicrystalline(penrose tiling) relationship between the octave and golden ratio (stellated dodeca/icosa) Geometries based only on the octave produce maximum destructive wave interference. The golden ratio minimizes destructive interference and maximizes constructive wave interference, because it’s the path to the still point/perfect damping. The optimal solution to sphere packing (compression to distribution) is in the dodecahedron, twelve spheres of equal volume all meeting/touching one in the center, as opposed to cubic/octave packing. A 180 degree phase shift between waves is what produces/translates longitudinal waves from transverse waves, through translation of vorticity. This phase shift is also part of how phase conjugate heterodyning produces self organization and negentropy. Golden ratio optimizes this compression process as described in the solution to the Klein-Gordon equation. Because golden-ratio optimizes this compression, this entails a generalized solution to maximum constructive wave interference, origin of centripetal forces, origin of negentropy, mass and gravity. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Most people cannot cognize “wifi” so here is a compilation (edutainment): of "REAL LIFE*": recorded pictures and videos and ARTISTIC SIMULATIONs (*TRANSLATIONS, INTERPRETATIONS, AUGMENTED REALITY) ... translating pulsed, polarized, modulated, digital, multiplex ... electromagnetic (microwave = radar) radiation INTO noises, sounds and visual. 7) ELECTROMAGNETIC REALITY AND MIND BENDING “STUFF” I would love to have a talk about the specifics on *dopamine vs. the physics of electromagnetic reality * electromagnetic reality and consciousness states Anything else seems “childish”.

    Adrian BriceAdrian Brice2 maanden geleden
    • Dude chill you’re just spitting scientific nonsense to sound smart

      Mudkip909Mudkip909Maand geleden
    • @rhn94takes one to know one

      Crystal ZionCrystal ZionMaand geleden
    • Thanks for sharing. Interesting how this BS video addresses none of the abundant scientific information on radiation hazard and in fact minimizes, trivialing what more highly educated have intelligently documented. We're not "afraid of 5G," we're intelligent.

      Crystal ZionCrystal ZionMaand geleden
    • rhn94 I have the suspicion that he is.

      nothing to see here move alongnothing to see here move alongMaand geleden
    • lmao you sound like a fucking moron

      rhn94rhn942 maanden geleden
  • I love this

    Godfred AsamoahGodfred Asamoah2 maanden geleden
  • I love this

    Godfred AsamoahGodfred Asamoah2 maanden geleden
  • The "new way of talking" to cram a message into 160 chars to prevent being charged for two messages was not new at all: That happened with the telegraph, which charged by the word.

    John DługoszJohn Długosz2 maanden geleden
    • 5G and Covid-19-

      Goog NoogGoog Noog3 dagen geleden
  • 2:00 I thought that plain radio base stations was 0G. 1G referred to the first "cellular" system. And the TV show Mannix showed car phones in the 60's.

    John DługoszJohn Długosz2 maanden geleden
  • You sure about that 7-bt per character? Sounds like Baudot code instead of ASCII. Thought texting, originally, used ASCII. Has to be something else after near 30 yrs out of involvement.

    Andy PandaAndy Panda2 maanden geleden