Why SpaceX Built A Stainless Steel Starship

8 feb. 2019
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  • The daily problems on Brilliant are actually fantastic. Great way to challenge your brain each day. Thanks again to Brilliant for making these videos possible: brilliant.org/realengineering/

    Real EngineeringReal Engineering2 jaar geleden
    • First system capable of manufacturing Starship in strong titanium alloys. Superior mass and force ratio. Symmetrical double joints with controlled asymmetry of paramagnetic and diamagnetic materials in an inert atmosphere. Starship can be manufactured 60 tons less and by automation ... Integral double joints with controlled asymmetry in titanium alloys ... Robotic welding by stimulated emission of light for reactive materials in a 100% inert atmosphere at 360º. We can now manufacture in titanium and robotically for the first time in history. Now we can do it very well ... !!! ...

      Eduardo AmaroEduardo Amaro4 maanden geleden
    • Musk nor does anyone else in this world know what the meaning of life is but me... Communication, all that u need to know and will know will be conducted under communications. ur money ur network, ur fukn love in relationships. now u fukn know

      Somphoth B SiratsamySomphoth B Siratsamy6 maanden geleden
    • And I succeed at failure

      Mommagongs channelMommagongs channel7 maanden geleden
    • @Sednas m

      richard biberdorfrichard biberdorf8 maanden geleden
    • Can u do an update on the starship. It has cime such a long way from this video. Its looking more and more better every day. They just did a 150 meter hop with starship 2 days ago and it went grest

      Andrew ShirleyAndrew Shirley9 maanden geleden
  • material engineering needs to be more advanced for long term space travel.

    Ankit AntilAnkit Antil2 dagen geleden
  • Cause they didn’t want it to stain

    Gun MobGun Mob3 dagen geleden
  • Since the lunar stsrship is not going to have reenter capability and can be fueled richt before launche (beacause it will not launch with humans). Would it not be better to use aluminiumaloi insteed of stainlessteel ?

    Jonathan MahlerJonathan Mahler16 dagen geleden
  • Wondering if you would do an update video on Starship now that it has been 2 years its truly amazing how they developed both Starship + their new raptor engine. And if you notice in Starships current development they have reverted back to using ablative tiles which is interesting.

    Josh O ConnellJosh O Connell16 dagen geleden
  • They have too much left over ss from the cyber truck production perhaps.

    caroad2008caroad200816 dagen geleden
  • You should plot a price graph for the metals

    Karim NassarKarim Nassar17 dagen geleden
  • Honestly i dont understand anything in the video

    Elite WarriorElite Warrior25 dagen geleden
  • You should do an update on the progress that spacex has made with starship since you made this video.

    astrolover 95astrolover 9529 dagen geleden
  • Well just make one out of Nokia 3510s, it would be ultra-lightweight and practically indestructible

    the_ goblinthe_ goblinMaand geleden
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    Barbara AshBarbara AshMaand geleden
  • Fuck brilliant. A waste of cash

    andreiradu1945andreiradu1945Maand geleden
  • Is steal heavier than feathers?

    [yeet yeet][yeet yeet]Maand geleden
  • Very well-made video which is very informative as well. Two comments though: One) It is irritating that a commercial is "woven" into the video creating the illusion (initially) that it is still part of the video and thus luring people into viewing more of it than desired and Two) although the commentator is obviously an Anglosaxon speaker, his diction needs a bit looking at especially where the "A" vowel pronounciation is concerned (e.g. the speaker repeatedly says "mErs" instead of "mArs")... is that a personal affectation or such? If a video is said to be informative and educational, the correct pronounciation of words matters as well I believe Overall though, excellent video :)

    TechneMoiraTechneMoiraMaand geleden
    • he just has an irish accent.

      Nugzar MikeladzeNugzar MikeladzeDag geleden
  • 09:30 I don't get it. Why would you want to replace damaged tiles once you are on Mars? You can relaunch and transfer to Earth Orbit without needing new heat-tiles. In Earth orbit they can transfer to another vehicle for landing (better suited for earth atmosphere and gravity) ...

    Benjamin MeusburgerBenjamin MeusburgerMaand geleden
  • What?? “They just need to mine water and extract carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, and then do some fancy chemistry...” Lmao, yeah that’s called MAGIC. There is NOT ENOUGH water and carbon dioxide on Mars to produce ROCKET FUEL.

    Jeff WJeff WMaand geleden
  • It’s going to have a hell of a time surviving reentry.

    Jeff WJeff WMaand geleden
  • what are you thoughts now based on what you stated in this video??

    Ryan BRyan BMaand geleden
  • I feel like musk is full of shit most of the time. He's a great salesman but I don't know about the rest. I watched thunderfoot's video on the hyperloop and he shows musk is basically a bullshit artist who's great at sales lol.

    andrew vanordenandrew vanordenMaand geleden
  • look at where we are...

    GGmygoodmanGGmygoodmanMaand geleden
  • Just over 2 years later and it has made it's first successful landing!

    Vitaliy StankovskiyVitaliy StankovskiyMaand geleden
  • When Jacksepticeye does narration. :)

    David HDavid H2 maanden geleden
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    Mollie BurlesonMollie Burleson2 maanden geleden

    Reb AngelesReb Angeles2 maanden geleden

    Reb AngelesReb Angeles2 maanden geleden
  • if ur rocket fails and it blows up then look it didn't blow up its just a rapidly unscheduled dissasembly

    issam imtiaz khanissam imtiaz khan2 maanden geleden
  • What i’m wondering is how are they going to deal with meteor and space debris impacts. Past spacecrafts have aluminum shielding are they going to take that approach in future starship designs.

    Daniel KrausDaniel Kraus2 maanden geleden
  • Me watching this in 2021 go sn10

    Mr.Canadian 69Mr.Canadian 692 maanden geleden
  • Elon runs one of the biggest scams paid for with taxes nasa and the military saved space x from going bankrupt.. the have a luanch contract for secure payloads for 300 mill per luanch when ula would charge around 225 mill per .. he doesn't do anything special even reusable they don't save much around 10% but that's was when they where gonna reuse the second stage also .. so even less then 10% .. watch thunderfoots videos on it he uses actual facts unlike the Elon cultist l

    kano 1971kano 19712 maanden geleden
  • The pathetic fox advisably fold because flax basally squeeze towards a torpid ship. male, ludicrous death

    Carson MeltonaCarson Meltona2 maanden geleden
  • You talk so much > sucks

    J LarkJ Lark2 maanden geleden
  • You can see this pressure effect in any standard aluminum soda can. Once you releive the pressure you can feel the can wall flex.

    Inspector71Inspector712 maanden geleden
  • Pretty cool advancement, as this clip is now just 2 years old, and we are starting to test heat panels, and flight worthiness.

    Jim FinkJim Fink2 maanden geleden
  • Does magnetic propulsive rocket make sense?

    Zebedee RonquilloZebedee Ronquillo3 maanden geleden
    • Hall effect thrusters use magnetic fields, worth a look.

      EimajOzearEimajOzear2 maanden geleden
  • Real engineering from people who don't know their a++ from a hole in the ground.

    AnotherRandom547AnotherRandom5473 maanden geleden
  • Now, year later (well almost 2) this "shitshow" is flying :)

    Odyseja2011Odyseja20113 maanden geleden
  • Why don't we steal a flying saucer from these beings flying around the earth?

    16nowhereman16nowhereman3 maanden geleden
  • I wonder how many tons of C02 are ejected for each launch? Who is working on the net-zero rocket propulsion?

    Tony MTony M3 maanden geleden
    • @Tony M Of course I understand the ramifications of global warming, but when it's cheaper for companies to pollute, then they'll do it unless there are financial repercussions. My apathy towards what companies choose to do has nothing to do with my understanding of the climate and the effect we are having on it. Besides, emissions from rockets launches are probably the last thing environmentalists should worry about.

      EimajOzearEimajOzear2 maanden geleden
    • @EimajOzear I just bought an electric car that can barely fit 5 comfortably. Why? Because I don’t think their required goal of eliminating all gas cars is achievable in 8 years. When they realize their plan is moving too slow they will then take more drastic measures. Are you not seeing the action to uniformly reverse the Global Catastrophe right before your eyes? If you don’t, just take a long ride without any internet devices and pay close attention to the changes in infrastructure going on, regardless of what Country you reside in. Your awakening will help.

      Tony MTony M2 maanden geleden
    • @Tony M If there are cheaper and dirtier options available, it's fair to say that's what the companies will use!

      EimajOzearEimajOzear2 maanden geleden
    • @EimajOzear The days of being able to choose an energy source other than a Green one are over.

      Tony MTony M2 maanden geleden
    • By mass, methane combustion exhaust is around 55% CO2, so by burning through ~4,000t of propellant, that's ~2,200t of CO2 released per launch. As for net-zero rocket propulsion, any hydrogen-oxygen launch vehicle has the potential to be carbon neutral if the hydrogen and oxygen are sourced from the electrolysis of water powered by renewable energy. However, until the price of green hydrogen is competitive with fossil-fuel derived hydrogen, this won't happen anytime time soon.

      EimajOzearEimajOzear2 maanden geleden
  • “On the surface though the whole operation looks a bit like a shitshow” 😂😂😂

    AlexandreAlexandre3 maanden geleden
    • @bergonius yeah. I just thought the RE brings it up in a funny way

      AlexandreAlexandre2 maanden geleden
    • It's just highlights how far they went in just 2 years.

      bergoniusbergonius2 maanden geleden
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    Nicholas MineNicholas Mine3 maanden geleden
  • Rockets are just penises fertilising planets with humans.

    PonyFuckerPonyFucker3 maanden geleden
  • Why didnt they use titanium?

    M DM D3 maanden geleden
    • Too expensive

      Unofficial ScholarUnofficial Scholar3 maanden geleden
  • Are you going to do a follow up now that SN8 launched and SN9 is about to..

    TwistedLyfe GamingTwistedLyfe Gaming3 maanden geleden
  • Closest distance from earth to mars is 54.6 million km. Speed achieved by the rocket on the Apollo 10 mission was close to 40k km. Assuming Tesla's rocket doesn't follow the orbit on its way to mars that would mean they would alight at mars within 54 days, I know it's not that simple but since space is a vacuum they could propel the vehicles to outrageous speeds and maybe even arrive sooner

    Collins MuriithiCollins Muriithi3 maanden geleden
  • Are there any materials being developed that has promise to replace stainless Steel on Starship?

    Alan MannAlan Mann3 maanden geleden
  • i've watched a LOT of your videos, but i still get caught off guard by your transitions

    Gustav AndersenGustav Andersen3 maanden geleden
  • Really HATE mispronouncing AlUminum as AlOOmin!!

    Stanley PostStanley Post3 maanden geleden
    • Fuck you Yankee! Represent🇬🇧🇬🇧

      Unofficial ScholarUnofficial Scholar3 maanden geleden
  • Here we are. Days before SN9 takes off. I hope it could land perfectly this time.

    Thales CarlThales Carl3 maanden geleden
    • @Thales Carl oh oh

      Leonhardo M.Leonhardo M.Maand geleden
    • @Thales Carl I told you it should land in one piece, not that you should bring me one!

      mikethespike056mikethespike0562 maanden geleden
    • I guess it is rest in pieces now unfortunately. But sn10 will land in one piece, I hope.

      Thales CarlThales Carl2 maanden geleden
    • RIP

      mikethespike056mikethespike0562 maanden geleden
    • weeks* lol

      Adam UnderhayAdam Underhay3 maanden geleden
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    Andre WilliamsAndre Williams4 maanden geleden
  • Please do a video on the engineering of catching the super heavy booster in mid air

    Prasoon TiwariPrasoon Tiwari4 maanden geleden
  • Elon needs to call a spade a spade and pain his Hopper checkered red and white, because it's looking an awful lot like Tintin's rocket already. XD

    Darius StarrettDarius Starrett4 maanden geleden
  • Here after the bellyflop

    Erdem AdigüzelErdem Adigüzel4 maanden geleden
  • The Shit show is now all grown up and moving in lightning speed.. Maybe an update video. You should talk about the Super Heavy.. :)

    AminAmin4 maanden geleden
  • Hey bro ever heard about Starlight product...

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    radu ionescuradu ionescu4 maanden geleden

      radu ionescuradu ionescu3 maanden geleden
    • Ah yes, how perfect a society where people were burned at the stakes for doing math and astronomers were killed for going against the church. Don’t try to get responsibility for all the things secular academics has done over the last two centuries. You can take your Christ and fuck off and live in the Middle Ages.

      Unofficial ScholarUnofficial Scholar3 maanden geleden
  • when we start building rockets on the moon we can make them stronger and not wory so mutch about weight

    Rigor MortisRigor Mortis4 maanden geleden
  • Dear England, here is the word: aluminum. Alu- min- um. There is no second "i". It is not alumin"i"um. Say it with me, aluminum. Alumi-num. Num. Just num. Aluminum. It's like you're decorating a word so it sounds more impressive. It doesn't.

    George o DajungleGeorge o Dajungle4 maanden geleden
    • @George o Dajungle haha

      Aaron WashburnAaron Washburn4 maanden geleden
    • @Aaron Washburn yeah cause that's what it is dammit! Lol ✌️👍

      George o DajungleGeorge o Dajungle4 maanden geleden
    • Aluminium has been the internationally recognized spelling for over a century. Only the US and Canada call it aluminum.

      Aaron WashburnAaron Washburn4 maanden geleden
  • but theres already vids abt this

    GoatqueenGoatqueen4 maanden geleden
  • It's pronounced Mars not miarse, sounds like youre saying mi arse.

    BrianBrian4 maanden geleden
  • One year later and it has worked

    Entropy ZEntropy Z4 maanden geleden
  • Don't forget the extra drag in that calculation to determine the amount of Standard Oil that I need to pay (using only horse currency from 30k) to place into what should be my gas tank, at this point in time to get that thing to reach orbit. You may also need patiented baffling technology for so much gas. That drains towards the fuel line and not always or side to side. b

    Michael ScottMichael Scott4 maanden geleden
  • Just produce methane from all the farting cows

    TheBlackAbyssTheBlackAbyss4 maanden geleden
  • Updates on starship?

    Gabriel MolinGabriel Molin4 maanden geleden
    • And hopefully SN9 will fly within the next few days

      Jack WhitlockJack Whitlock4 maanden geleden
    • 12.5km test flight success, apart from landing failure, and 9 more Starships in production

      Drnagol369Drnagol3694 maanden geleden
  • I think this is jtst propaganda of blue origin

    Joli BedanoJoli Bedano4 maanden geleden
  • 2020: the tin can now exists and even launched once

    Al WinAl Win4 maanden geleden
    • @Random Human sn10 stuck the landing! And then exploded!

      CorrickCorrickMaand geleden
    • Late 2039: Nuclear winter took over after USA and China released their nukes over a struggle for world domination. 2043: We are surviving on scraps, communications with surviving groups have been decreasing worldwide. 2049: I'm down to my last can of expired beans, the rest of the world is silent. Four starlink satellites are still operational, they allowed me to send this message. Late 2049: We weren't worthy of this planet, i'm so sorry.

      julittokjulittok2 maanden geleden
    • @Jonathan Whiting Early 2021 : SN8 and SN9 did a spectacular flight, but RUD on landing. Waiting fro SN10 to fly and nail landing!

      Random HumanRandom Human2 maanden geleden
    • Late 2020: Tin can evolved into an 80s spaceship and flew.

      Jonathan WhitingJonathan Whiting3 maanden geleden
  • It's strange that at this level you don't mention titanium alloys. The best strength-to-weight ratio for metal alloys is titanium. The problem is that this reactive material for the American aerospace industry was impossible to join by automation due to its chemical reaction with air when welded. Now it has been discovered how to join these all-important alloys using robotics, so I'm telling you that Starship can be made with these beneficial 60-ton lighter titanium alloys. Modular manufacturing with this discovery, better system performance ... Perfect double gaskets with controlled asymmetry for paramagnetic and diamagnetic materials in inert atmosphere. Hypersonic passenger flights and modular robotic manufacturing of monohulls with this system are possible today. Intercontinental flights have been reduced to less than half because the heights and speeds of flight of a monocoque made of titanium by automation are infinitely higher than those of current aircraft built with aluminum foil on frames of the same material. It is excellent news, friends from the USA, ... now we can do it very well ... !!! ...

    Eduardo AmaroEduardo Amaro4 maanden geleden
    • @Eduardo Amaro I did read your patent, it is a very cool system. Good luck going forward.

      Aaron WashburnAaron Washburn4 maanden geleden
    • @Aaron Washburn Hello friend, laser welding was not possible before automatically because I neglected the back of the weld ... My discovery joins with two symmetrical systems on each side and a reactive titanium from both sides at the same time preventing the chemical reactions of the material. .. Inert atmosphere front and back simultaneously ... Gas and energy controlled asymmetry welding. The laser system joins in one place and leaves the back free. Titanium cannot be joined in this way because gas enters and the material reacts on the opposite side

      Eduardo AmaroEduardo Amaro4 maanden geleden
    • @Eduardo Amaro I think there may be a small language barrier here...I'm not sure if "Do you think I write about Starship and about the future trip to Mars ... Reading ability. " is supposed to be a punchy rhetorical question or if something is getting lost in translation.

      Aaron WashburnAaron Washburn4 maanden geleden
    • @Eduardo Amaro titanium can react with liquid oxygen, you clearly didn't read the report. I don't know why you think titanium can't react just because the oxygen is "cold". I also don't know why you keep pitching this welding fixture like a door to door vacuum salesman, laser and robotic welding systems have existed for decades. Lincoln Electric has a hybrid laser CNC robotic welding system which can do automated laser keyhole or weld cladding. You may have a unique fixture, but that doesn't mean laser welding of titanium wasn't possible before, and weldable or not it has nothing to do with the issue I brought that you don't appear to want to spend any time looking into. This report is literally called "A study of the titanium-liquid oxygen explosive reaction": www.uhms.org/images/MEDFAQs/Titanium-GO2_Summary.pdf Here is another on rocket fuel storage materials which makes specific reference to instances of titanium reacting violently with liquid oxygen: apps.dtic.mil/dtic/tr/fulltext/u2/613553.pdf Since I assume you're too lazy to read these also I'll let you know that the issue isn't that titanium suddenly bursts into flames on contact with LOX, it's that it has been found to be unstable against impact and puncture versus other materials, like stainless steel, which when tested didn't react even when the container was fully pierced. It's a safety of flight issue, I'm not sure how much simpler I can say it.

      Aaron WashburnAaron Washburn4 maanden geleden
    • Do you think I write about Starship and about the future trip to Mars ... Reading ability. We are changing commercial and civil aviation forever ... That's the point here ...

      Eduardo AmaroEduardo Amaro4 maanden geleden
  • First system capable of manufacturing Starship in strong titanium alloys. Superior mass and force ratio. Symmetrical double joints with controlled asymmetry of paramagnetic and diamagnetic materials in an inert atmosphere. Starship can be manufactured 60 tons less and by automation ... Integral double joints with controlled asymmetry in titanium alloys ... Robotic welding by stimulated emission of light for reactive materials in a 100% inert atmosphere at 360º. We can now manufacture in titanium and robotically for the first time in history. Now we can do it very well ... !!! ...

    Eduardo AmaroEduardo Amaro4 maanden geleden

    Eduardo AmaroEduardo Amaro4 maanden geleden
  • Elon is the new Einstein

    Zeki ÖztürkZeki Öztürk4 maanden geleden
    • And now the richest man in the world

      Jack WhitlockJack Whitlock4 maanden geleden
  • Who wants to be NASA is already planning a 2028 mars rover. I heard NASA has a completely redesigned mars rover concept for 2028. #Mars2028

    ZR1 GamingZR1 Gaming4 maanden geleden
  • Watching this almost 2 years later... Boy, that "shitshow" has evolved... :D

    Avatar2312Avatar23124 maanden geleden
  • “Failure is an option here. If you’re not failing, you’re not innovating enough.” - Elon Musk

    GoldenAce57GoldenAce574 maanden geleden
    • @KStar That's why it's a good thing to fail as many time as he needs while he still can

      Natthaphon HongcharoenNatthaphon HongcharoenMaand geleden
    • Unless he’s putting actual people in it

      KStarKStar2 maanden geleden
  • y not titanium

    B cB c4 maanden geleden
    • Too expensive

      Unofficial ScholarUnofficial Scholar3 maanden geleden
  • "Shit show" haha

    Mauri BMauri B4 maanden geleden
    • @Eduardo Amaro They built it... out of steel... and it works... you don't need to fix things that aren't broken...

      Drnagol369Drnagol3694 maanden geleden
    • First system capable of manufacturing Starship in strong titanium alloys. Superior mass and force ratio. Symmetrical double joints with controlled asymmetry of paramagnetic and diamagnetic materials in an inert atmosphere. Starship can be manufactured 60 tons less and by automation ... Integral double joints with controlled asymmetry in titanium alloys ... Robotic welding by stimulated emission of light for reactive materials in a 100% inert atmosphere at 360º. We can now manufacture in titanium and robotically for the first time in history. Now we can do it very well ... !!! ...

      Eduardo AmaroEduardo Amaro4 maanden geleden
  • here heres a 20 second sentence on why its made out of sainless steel "Elong said its made out of stainless steal because its eazy to modiy"

    Capslk67Capslk674 maanden geleden
  • SpaceX just show how inefficient and how costly NASA have been to the tax payers over the last 50 years. One man has changed space travel in 10 years, NASA have been exposed for the scam they were.

    Patrick mulhollandPatrick mulholland4 maanden geleden
    • Or did you maybe think that one is spread out across an entire country with deals with many states, has to keep a whole space station up and running, the stuff that is actually main stream like their sls rocket is getting so little funding because nasa them selves are forced to allocate money and as of right now there is high priority things then building a rocket capable of getting to mars

      Ryland DuesburryRyland Duesburry4 maanden geleden
  • And it broke today🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭

    radhakrishnan thazhepunathilradhakrishnan thazhepunathil4 maanden geleden
    • @Drnagol369 yes

      Unofficial ScholarUnofficial Scholar3 maanden geleden
    • It didn't break, because they got all the data they needed! It just had a rapid unscheduled disassembly...

      Drnagol369Drnagol3694 maanden geleden
    • U idiot, u understand that sn8 was rushed together like a kid trying to defrost a turkey in 5 miniutes before mom comes home, that's the entire philosophy of spacex and the starship department let's throw it in the air and we will see what happens. Elon musk himself said that it's a 1/3 chance that everything actually works, in a humorous tone As well as if it did come back in one piece it would just become a huge paper weight as the next one sn9 was already in the hanger waiting to go test. The Starship test launch was one of the most technically advanced things to ever happen in 10 minutes in the past decade if not ever It was a huge success

      Ryland DuesburryRyland Duesburry4 maanden geleden
    • Lol

      KDH2130KDH21304 maanden geleden
  • I'm concerned about the number of communication satellites Elon has already launched, with the goal of having a network of a staggering 12,000 communications satellites in orbit for better cell phone service. This will drastically increase the amount of debris that is already in orbit around our planet. I do not hear enough people seriously talking about the long-term ramifications of this problem. One small nut or bolt is enough to cause life-threatening damage to the ISS at the speeds they orbit and there have already been close calls. NASA tries to track the larger objects, such as satellites, but at some point the amount of traffic will become a bottleneck if people are not looking far enough ahead.

    Think CivilThink Civil5 maanden geleden
    • At the speed of a bullet out of a gun also.

      Think CivilThink Civil4 maanden geleden
    • @Ryland Duesburry The astronauts themselves have said that if those hits had occurred on the wrong areas, the effects of a strike by a nut or bolt could be life threatening. A nut or bolt is just the start. Man has foolishly destroyed satellites in orbit and set off nuclear blasts. Not to mention old satellites and larger pieces.

      Think CivilThink Civil4 maanden geleden
    • No just no. For starters a single nut or bolt is not life threatening to the space station. Micro asteroids have hit the space station before and do you want to know the revolutionary solution to the problem, they put their finger over the hole and then just plugged. Where as the whole satellite thing, you know how much bloody space there is in orbit around earth, plus the space station orbits at much higher altitude then the starling satilites do, as well as they will deorbit them selves pretty quickly (relatively) if you want to talk about a cluttered orbit geo stationary (where the satilite orbits at the same speed earth spins so they are always above that one spot) is the problem, there is only so much room above the places you want and those never de orbit so satilites from 30 years ago will never go away

      Ryland DuesburryRyland Duesburry4 maanden geleden
  • Elon Musk to president

    PauloPaulo5 maanden geleden
    • He is african......

      Ryland DuesburryRyland Duesburry4 maanden geleden
    • Hell no

      KDH2130KDH21304 maanden geleden
  • Here after SN8 12 k flight test

    DiamondGecko _DiamondGecko _5 maanden geleden
  • I have looked at a lot of videos about colonizing the moon & Mars. And I haven't found any with my same ideas. I think we should set up a moon colony on earth. We should have inflatable domes, which we cover with 3D printers with simulated moon mortar. The domes should be connected to each other by inflatable tunnels covered with simulated moon mortar. There should be living quarters, hydroponic green houses, gardens with garden soil for recreational gardening, a 5 acre pasture with one inch of garden soil and one inch of grass turf, a park with artificial turf and with small sections of real grass turf, and maybe even a very small zoo. All the domes will have plastic floors so no water is lost. Condensation forming on the ceilings will be drained into the water supply. All the domes will be blown up with compressed air from earth and will have a refresh system, which will refresh the air and maintain the air pressure. Humidity, Temperature will be maintained by humidifiers, heaters, fans and coolers. Light will be provided by multi-color LEDs, mostly white. Power will be supplied at first by solar power, and later by nuclear or fusion power. All water will be re-cycled, almost zero loss of water. There will be a bull, a cow, two sheep, and two goats, two chickens, two turkeys, two fish, and two rabbits. There will also be pets, two dogs, two cats, two bunnies, etc. (and maybe a small zoo) All of this will be set up by astronauts and robots before the colonist arrive. The first colonist will be 5 fathers and 5 mothers, and 90 babies. The parents will be good parents, gardeners, farmers, zoo keepers, teachers, etc.. During the first two years an exact duplicate facility will be built on the moon. When the babies are two years old, they will move to the moon and live on the moon. Or if it is proven that they will be too young to travel to the moon than the facility on earth will be added to, to accommodate 10 more parents and 90 more babies. The two year olds would move into the new addition. Every two years the facility will be either added to, or 100 people will move to the moon. This plan will allow the kids to grow up in the isolation of the colony, and will make it easier for them to live in the isolation of the colony on the moon. And will allow them to grow up on the moon and be better able to adjust to the lower gravity on the moon, although some artificial gravity maybe eventually provided. This artificial gravity will especially be good for the parents. The kids will have everything in the facility to keep them occupied and entertained. Also they could have some books, movies, games, etc., especially adapted for them, being careful not to give them anything that would make them feel isolated. After 20 years there could be 2000 people living on the moon, most of whom grew up on the moon. This program could be speeded up so in 20 years there could be 4000, 6000, or 8000 people living on the moon. This program could be simultaneously done to colonize Mars so we could have 2000 people on the Moon and Mars at the same time. For the moon we could send supplies every month, but for Mars we could only send supplies every 26 months. So I suggest we send 10, 20, or 30 rockets to Mars every 26 months all at the same time. We could have several refueling stations along the way to mars and orbiting mars so rockets could refuel along the way to mars and right before landing on mars so the empty rocket would have enough fuel to take off again, refuel in space and return to Earth. Eventually the colonist could grow trees, bamboo, and other plants for raw materials that could be used for making things. Eventually the moon and Mars could export minerals or small expensive items that were assembled on the moon or Mars, like jewelry, iphones, iwatches, etc. Or grown on the moon like caviar, marijuana, etc. What do you think ? :-)

    David TekaatDavid Tekaat5 maanden geleden
    • Where do you plan on getting oxygen from and how do you plan on removing co2

      Ryland DuesburryRyland Duesburry4 maanden geleden
  • Can't wait for elon to build millennium falcon

    Ronak NikamRonak Nikam5 maanden geleden
  • Im looking at all these rockets and after some time I can only think about how they all completely look like dicks. Especially spaceX's falcon -it even has balls. Penises, penis shaped sperm cells, impregnating planets with humans.

    PonyFuckerPonyFucker5 maanden geleden
  • Starship facility looking great now

    Daniel de JagerDaniel de Jager5 maanden geleden
  • On one hand, the falcon heavy has made extreme leaps in rocket engineering and commercial space travel. On the other hand, starship was blown over by strong winds and has blown up a bunch.

    FaffyWafflesFaffyWaffles5 maanden geleden
    • Because they are making it in a rush, elon musks philosophy is too just build quickly find the mistakes then fix them on the next batch

      Ryland DuesburryRyland Duesburry4 maanden geleden
  • They didn't want it to rust?

    Mark KmiecikMark Kmiecik5 maanden geleden
    • Aluminium would melt like butter if it performed the manoeuvres Starship will

      Unofficial ScholarUnofficial Scholar3 maanden geleden
  • Excelent presentation and material

    Markos KonstantinouMarkos Konstantinou5 maanden geleden
  • Strong Buy!! Vale Indonesia (INCO.JK) - One of the World’s Largest Nickel Producers for EV Battery finance.yahoo.com/quote/INCO.JK/

    Future of MoneyFuture of Money5 maanden geleden

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  • Use CGI and you can go anywhere in the universe with no risk.

    Soul WalkerSoul Walker6 maanden geleden
    • bruh

      Angad SinghAngad Singh5 maanden geleden
  • As someone who works in Aerospace Metals I love these videos. Can you make a video on Nickel Alloys in Aerospace? Or perhaps Cobalt alloys!

    CK CKCK CK6 maanden geleden
  • Funny watching this now, one year later, especially at the 10:25 mark.

    TremayneTremayne6 maanden geleden
    • Aged poorly

      Unofficial ScholarUnofficial Scholar3 maanden geleden
  • if you use duplex you can go even lighter again

    Mark CostelloMark Costello6 maanden geleden
  • 2 + 2 = Cat

    Devin CollinsDevin Collins6 maanden geleden
  • Star Trek becoming a reality

    Schrödinger's CatSchrödinger's Cat6 maanden geleden
  • I was today years old when I found out what wd-40 stood for

    69ers69ers6 maanden geleden
  • Shit

    Xlr8tXlr8t6 maanden geleden
    • You ok?

      Venx_4Venx_45 maanden geleden
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    • Fuck

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  • Flex tape. Problem solved. Rocket made entirely out of Flex tape.

    Dorothy GrayDorothy Gray6 maanden geleden
    • You fucking copied another comment, you're so hungry for attention you're copying other people's success. What a loser.

      Xlr8tXlr8t6 maanden geleden
  • For some reason while watching this in 2020 i feel like the carbon fiber tank was more so an excuse to pressure test a large carbon fiber structure. Maybe not a vehicle but a building of some kind?

    darklord boehmdarklord boehm6 maanden geleden
  • Fail : First Attempt In Learning : Dr Abdul Kalam

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